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Search 31

20 May 2005

It is 10.22 am. Today is Friday and a holiday in Kelantan.

The 31st search is to scrutinise a reply e-mail on 5 May 2005 from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norsidah A. Manap ( of Hospital UKM. The e-mail subject was "Re: 13 early Malay doctors in 1953" and was in response to my e-mail of Search 25.

Dr. Norsidah thanked me for a previous e-mail re her grandfather who was the first Malay doctor.

Dr. Norsidah said she was busy marking exam papers and she will only have time to check the information re her grandfather after the completion of the postgraduate exams.

However, she commented briefly on the information re her grandfather that I had provided.

According to Dr. Norsidah, "our records differ slightly". Her record says that Dr. Abdul Latiff Abdul Razak was born in 1889, died in 1956, and had 9 children. He completed his studies in 1910 (according to a write up by Dato' Dr. Abdul Majid Ismail).

Dr. Norsidah is uncertain about Dr. Abdul Latiff graduating in 1911, and asked if there is a documentation of this.

Whether Dr. Abdul Latiff graduated in 1910 or 1911 is now an issue at hand:

Search 25:  Dr. Abdul Latiff bin Abdul Razak (1885?-1958; retired 1953; Class of 1911)
Search 31:  Dr. Abdul Latiff bin Abdul Razak (1889-1956; retired 1944?; Class of 1910)

I would suggest to re-check the listing provided by NUSS and confirm. Also, re-check the write up by Dato' Dr. Abdul Majid Ismail, or interview him and obtain his source for Dr. Abdul Latiff's graduation date. The actual date of retirement should be checked and confirmed.

This is the information that I have/not have so far re Dr. Abdul Latiff Abdul Razak:

Dr. Abdul Latiff bin Abdul Razak (1889-1956; retired 1944?; Class of 1910)
Date of retirement: 1944?
Father: Abdul Razak (need fullname)
Mother: ?
Wife: ?
Number of children: 9 (how many boys & girls? Names?)
Last known address: ?

I will still need more details of the following doctors:
Prof. Dato' Dr. Ungku Omar Ungku Ahmad (1931-1969; Class of 1957)
Dr. Hamzah Taib (Class of 1923)
Datuk Dr. Haji Abbas Alias (1914-2004; Class of 1936)
Tan Sri Dr. Raja Ahmad Noordin (
Tan Sri Dr. Abdul Majid
Tan Sri Dr. Abu Bakar
Dr. Amir Abbas
Dato' Dr. Haji Mohammed

It is 11.05 am.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norsidah A Manap
Dept of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Granddaughter of Dr. Abdul Latiff b Abdul Razak

Telehealth Research Group
School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia