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These pages are made for educational purposes as well as to assist the community towards understanding medical history. Please write to me if there are mistakes or broken links in any of my posts, or missing information or if you don't see what you need. I cannot promise the sky but I can try and help out in my free time, insyaAllah.


I would encourage students to take up medical history if they like reading and have a keen interest in history, writing, medicine and health-related areas, Asian society, ethnic relations, antiquity, computers, and art & design. If you are 25 years old and don't know what to do with your life (aimless living, life is not working well for you, always on the wrong side of life, etc), then take up medical history as a hobby and then as a profession at any university that offers such a post or work/job slot. It takes approximately 10 years to become a professional in medical history and 20-30 years in order to be paid a professor's pay. A professor's pay is close to that of a menteri in the kementerian. Do not add to the jobless statistics - do something good for yourself. So start your professional life very early (after SPM) and don't waste time lepak-lepak at the shopping malls. Time is precious.


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This Blog Hits is to keep track of traffic to this website. It is meant to study what attracts readers to this website. The hits are checked on the 7th of each month. This is done so because Malaysians are paid in the last week of every month. The 'happy feeling' lasts 2 weeks. It is assumed that when people are happy, they read more and they turn to their favourite websites. This is just an assumption.

2012 Monthly Hits Statistics for TEMD Blog
7 January 2012 (Hits: 30,611)
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7 March 2012 (Hits: 33,740)
7 April 2012 (Hits: 36,423)
7 May 2012 (Hits: 41, 214)
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7 August 2012 (Hits: 59,672)
7 September 2012 (Hits: 69,124)
7 October 2012 (Hits: 77,747)
7 November 2012 (Hits: 86,846)

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