Thursday, 12 July 2012


This is a very touching blog about a man whose wife suffers from asthma. 

I think a lot of men marry young beautiful girls and for a reason but when the wife's health fails, he is the first to escape and make a new home elsewhere. But not this man. I don't know him. This is the best that I have read about a man who looked after his wife. I only read the first post and looked at the pictures. I cannot read the other posts as they will break my heart.

This blog was brought to my attention by my eldest daughter today, after she asked me a lot of questions about aerosol and a few about asthma. As a mother I tried to answer all her questions as best I could. I will put her questions through this post later. I want to listen to some songs first. We have makan at 11am in the pantry in my dept. Then I have a class session with the postgraduates at 2pm.


  1. What is aerosol?
  2. What are sources of aerosols?
  3. When to spray aerosol (Ridsect, etc)?
  4. When is it safe to sleep after spraying?
  5. Is it safe to spray on plates and dining utensils?
  6. Is it safe to eat from plates which have been sprayed?
  7. Is fogging safe?
  8. Is it safe to sleep in a room immediately after spraying insecticide/fogging?
  9. Are there long term effects of insecticide spraying/aerosols?
  10. What are the dangers of spraying insecticide (all sorts)?