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6. Dr Shaik Mohamad Baboo bin Ahmad Albakish (1894-1964)

Dr Shaik Mohamad Baboo bin Ahmad Albakish (1894-1964)

Date of birth: 4 April 1894
Place of birth: Penang
Date of death: 5 April 1964
Place of death: Penang

Helped to set up the Malayan Medical Mission to Makkah, Saudia Arabia in 1947
Retired as Chief Medical and Health Officer (CM & HO) of Penang in 1949
Operated Baboo Dispensary in Dato Kramat Road, Penang
President of UMNO Penang Kelawei Division
Trustee of Sekolah Al-Mashhoor in Penang
Justice of the Peace (J.P.)


From Zuleira Abdullah (one of Dr. Baboo's great-granddaughter)
  1. my nani (grandma), Latifah Baboo is one of Dr. Baboo's daughter. 
  2. my mum Rodzillah is the granddaughter of Dr.Baboo.
  3. I am very delighted with all the comments given from all the uncles and 
  4. pretty much interested to have the pic of the family tree too.
  5. it is so beautiful to hear about the history of my family and 
  6. hope as years goes by, generation by generation, the family relation will always remain strong..insyaallah.. May God Bless us all.. 
  7. Rgds Zuleira Abdullah on 6. Dr Shaik Mohamad Baboo bin Ahmad Albakish (1894-1964) in response to Dear Prof, Great to read your research about my granduncle, Dr SM Baboo. I will send the pictures of Ahmad Al Balkish and his wife, Khatijah Bee.

External links:

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 4 March 1929, Page 14
- Young Muslim Union
- Maulud Nabi
- literary meetings
- debate: cinematograh for educating the young
  - Messrs. Zainul Abidin and Mohamed Ali opposed
  - Messrs. S. M. Joonos and B. K. Mydin favoured

Mr S. M. Joonos
Dr S. M. Baboo
Messrs. Syed Mohdhar Aidid
Mohamed Hussain bin Abdul Halim
C. M. Che' Din
S. M. Osman

- total income including balance from 1927: $1,410.27
- expenditure: $1,351.68
- balance in hand: $59.19

Penang Free School
- donations: $365 for Mathematics Prize
- to be awarded annually to Penang Free School
  in commemoration of the opening of the new buildings in Green Lane

Committee of Management for 1928
- President: Hamid Khan
- Vice-President: Haji S. M. Joonos
- Honorary Secretary: S. M. Zainul Abidin
- Honorary Assistant Secretary: G. M. Yusoff
- Honorary Treasurer: M. Y. Merican
- Honorary Auditor: S. M. Yusoff
- Honorary Secretary "Games": M. Sawai
- Honorary Secretary "Debates": H. A. K. Pawanchee
- Committee Members:
  1. Dr S. M. Baboo
  2. S. A. Aljunid
  3. S. M. Haniff
  4. S. M. Osman
  5. C. D. Che Teh
  6. T. H. Mohamed Amin
  7. S. A. M. Noor

The Y.M.U. is the only Muslim Club in the Straits Settlements.

The Real Islam
- December issue
- Imam Haji Abbas bin Mohamed Taha contributed on "Mohamedan Law
  of Inheritance in a Simplified Form"

The Real Islam
- report reports on the initiative of Moulana Mohamed Abdul Halim Siddiqi
- a Muslim missionary
- recently visited Penang
- set up Muslim Missionary Society of Ceylon
- at last Muslim prisoners in the gaols are permitted to perfrom
  Friday prayers
- Imam Haji Abbas bin Mohamed Taha, J.P. will attend at the Prison
  to hold services and deliver sermons

Dr S. M. Baboo
- left Penang for England in January to further his medical studies
- to try and qualify for D.T.M. examination

Mr S. A. Alhadi
- formerly employed in the Co-operative Society Dept
- now owner of a Malay weekly paper in Penang, called the Saudara

Muslim Pilgrims
- shortage of Muslim pilgrims; this year half of the # is going
- informed by Malay pilgrim broker
- generally 50,000-60,000 Javanese Muslims go for Hajj
- difficult to obtain shipping accommodation to Jeddah
- call at Singapore
- shipping accommodation direct from Java is available


RahmatHarounHashim said...
Assalamulaikum... Prof Faridah Abdul Rashid,
By coincidental I found your blog, I happen to marry one of grand-daughter of I believe Dr SM Baboo. One of his daughters by the name of the late Wan Nur Sayang married to the late Habibur Rahman. I have heard my cousin Col. Ismail mentioning about En Rashid. The similarity is striking.

Warm regards.
Dr Rahmat Haroun MD.
FB: Rahmat Haroun.

Great Grandson said...

I am one of many of Dr Baboo great grandchildren, being perhaps the eldest great grandson based at age 39 now in KL. My grandmother was one of many (one of abouit 9 or 10 siblings) to Dr Baboo and Tuanku Zubaida (perhaps not spelt correctly). I was not aware that any of my father's sibling or cousins (who would all be grand children of Dr Baboo) had any relatives married in Indonesia (the location of where your good self seems to be based upon your blog). signed Sharif James bin Zainal Aziz

Mohd Izhar b. Ismail said...

Your record of the family is accurste and precise. I will try to get the family photographs soon. For your info our 2nd cousin and uncle, Dato Dr Zulkifly Ismail and Tan Sri Dr Mustaffa Babjee is drawing up a family tree chart of the Baboo and Babjee clan,

Prof Faridah said...

TQ Mohd Izhar b. Ismail,
I don't know the 2 gentlemen.

datuk dr zul said...

Dear Prof,

Great to read your research about my grand uncle, Dr SM Baboo.

I will send the pictures of Ahmad Al Balkish and his wife, Khatijah Bee with their children to your private email.

biblio1 said...

To all Baboo family members, a few words of caution:

1) Everyone has a right to privacy, including family members who do not wish their names to be published on the Internet. Once published, these names become searchable and remain on the Internet forever (there's no delete button and only the person who created the webpage has the power to remove them). This violation of privacy means disrespecting those family members who wish to remain anonymous or private. Please ask permission from those family members before publishing their names.

2) You and I may search the Internet and look up family members, but so do health insurance investigators. Diseases such as thallassemia, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers and certain cancers, for example, have a genetic component and tend to run in families. Once family members are linked via a family tree, publication of family member names, and other family-related information, this public information can and may be used to deny you health insurance coverage or to reject a claim based on family history of disease. The next time this happens to you or your child, you may have been responsible for it by publishing your family links.

Thank you for your consideration.

Great Grandson said...

Dear Prof Faridah,

it's been a while since i visited your site. Interesting to see it has caught the attention of a couple of uncles.

Just to clarify my earlier comment about the Indonesian connection possibility, my comment about the unlikely family link had been in response to the first comment (atop) by a Dr Rahmat Haroun MD - suggesting some kinship to the late Dr. SM Baboo and our family. it wasn't a negative comment about yourself and the interesting work that you are involved with in plotting and documenting the history of early Malay doctors.

I look forward to learning more about the family history, which i must acknowledge not knowing sufficiently.

What i am aware of though and perhaps you would already also know, was that (Dato/Dr.) Abdul Wahab bin Mohd Ariff was also a wellknown doctor with a long service to the country.

Kind regards and Salams,


Prof Faridah said...

Salam Sharif James,

TQ for writing. I was wondering why my brother Sharif wrote the comments above. It took me awhile to understand that it is Sharif James and not my brother Sharif.

I am also linked to Dr SM Baboo, so says Datuk Dr Zulkifli Ismail, whose family lived behind my grandfather's house at Bukit Pemanchar.

TQ for bringing up Dato Paduka Dr Abdul Wahab. I managed to get hold of his wife in Tg Bungah and some of his family members in Kota Bharu. I had to search for his work details. His biography is ok now.

You mentioned an interesting place - Indonesia. I found out for the first time after 50+ years that my father was descended from the royal family of Aceh-Pagar Ruyong-Betis Batang in North & West Sumatra, which links to the first and oldest mosque, Masjid Batu Uban in Penang (built in 1734), before Francis Light arrived. And also linked to the Perak Sultanate and the Pahang Sultanate. Some of my forefathers served as tutors of the Selangor Sultan and also the Sultan of Riau. My father was also a descendant of the Malacca Sultanate which originated from Palembang, South Sumatra. TQ for bringing up Indonesia or I would never have searched that possibility.

Prof Faridah

Dr Su said...


I am Dr Suriyakhatun Osman, grand daughter of SM Babjee bin Ahmad, my mum is Sakina Babjee. Dr Baboo was my grand uncle .

Prof Faridah said...

Salam Dr Suriyakhatun Osman,

TQ for writing and sharing info about your family and links to Dr SM Baboo.

Anonymous said...

Salam Prof.

I stumbled into this interesting family story and know some of them. In fact the more i read the more interesting it is to me. My father's maternal uncle was Mohamed Haji Mohamed Ali Albakish. I have been trying to link up whether Albakish is a family name or a name by itself. I somehow have no link whatsoever to my late father's family but do remember some stories that he used to tell me. Mohamed Albakish was one of the first Malay police officer and was tortured and killed by the Japanese while in custody during the Japanese occupation.

2nd September 2012 11.43 pm

Prof Faridah said...


I don't have your name, nor that of your parents. It is good to know that you are linked to the great doctor. I have no idea whether Albakish is a name or family name. I saw the name in an old newspaper article in Singapore. Albakish sounds like an Arab suffix to me. If you know where Mohamed Albakish was tortured and killed, you can probably look up the Japanese police records or our police records on our history 1941-45. If you know where he was buried, the headstone usually has the complete name and dates. There's bound to be someone who remembers him.

Anonymous said...

Well..I was wondering is this blog still active?? Anyway, would love to drop some words too..I'm one of Dr.Baboo great nani ( granma),Latifah Baboo is one of Dr. Baboo's daughter..and my mum Rodzillah is the grandaughter of Dr.Baboo..hehe.I am very delighted with all the comments given from all the uncles and pretty much interested to have the pic of the family tree is so beautiful to hear about the history of my family and hope as years goes by, generation by generation, the family relation will always remain strong..insyaallah..
May God Bless us all..
Zuleira Abdullah