Wednesday, 19 January 2011

12. Dr Abdul Wahab Khan bin Mohamed Lal Khan (1898-1956)

Dr Abdul Wahab Khan bin Mohamed Lal Khan (1898-1956)
LMP 1924 Madras Medical College, India.
(LMP = Licensed Medical Practitioner)

Date of birth: 1898
Place of birth: British India
Date of death: 1956, aged 58
Place of demise: Pattani in Southern Siam (Thailand)
Place of burial: Perkuboran To'Ayah, Pattani, Southern Siam (Thailand)

Madras is Chennai today.
Pattani Perintah Siam indicates Pattani was a tributary of Siam
Pattani, S. Siam indicates the location of Pattani in Southern Siam
Perkuboran To'Ayah is an old graveyard in Pattani, dated to 1296 Hijrah
The identity and biography of To'Ayah are unknown at the time of this writing
He could be a clergy, Islamic leader or teacher.

  1. General practitioner and famous eye doctor
  2. Health Inspector in Perlis. Worked in British Malaya 1928-1936
  3. Treated Raja Perlis and Al-Sultan Kelantan* for eye-related problems

    *Al-Sultan Kelantan = Sultan Ibrahim Petra ibni Almarhum Sultan Muhammad IV (1897-1969)

  • 1926 Set up Universal Clinic and Siam Muslim Mission in Pattani Perintah Siam
  • 1935 He & 2nd wife set up Muslim Maternity Hospital in Pattani Perintah Siam
  • 1938 Married 3rd wife in Kelawei District, Penang, British Malaya