Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Meet Prof Redgrave

Meet Professor Trevor Gordon Redgrave (MBBS, PhD). He is the person who worked on postprandial lipid emulsions in the 1950s-1960s and discovered chylomicron (sl.) or chylomicra (pl.) (abbr. CM) and the atherogenic chylomicron remnants (CM Rm). Prof Redgrave had just returned from Boston University, USA when I joined his research lab in Physiology at UWA in October 1986. He was also the Head of Physiology department then. I remember writing to him before coming to Perth. I traveled on the trans-Australian train from Adelaide station to Perth station. After some refreshment on arrival in Perth, I went straight to UWA campus to report to him.

Prof Redgrave was my PhD Supervisor from October 1986 to August 1989. My PhD research was focused on VLDL (very low density lipoproteins) looking at binding affinities of the various apolipoproteins that stuck reversibly to the lipoprotein particles. You can read my PhD thesis which is available at the UWA Reid Library and at the ANU library in Canberra, and some of my publications which should be retrievable online at PubMed.


I met Prof Redgrave and his lab staff when I returned to do my Sabbatical Leave in early 1995 at the Royal Perth Hospital with Prof Frank van Bockxmeer at the DNA Lab, which was under Biochemistry and the HOD was Prof Klinken, now Head of WAIMR.

This time around, Prof Redgrave had retired from UWA. I went through UWA Alumni to get in touch with him again. We met at The Melbourne Hotel in downtown Perth, at the corner of Hay St and Milligan St, on my second last day in Perth - on 13 February 2013. His wife tells me that this hotel is a business hotel. This is a lovely hotel indeed for our meeting, and I'm glad I picked it a day before I flew to Perth.

Yusrina and Affandi
The Melbourne Hotel at the corner of Hay St and Milligan St
Facade on Milligan St
Prof Redgrave
Myself, Prof Redgrave and Dierdre
One hour discussion of the past, present and future