Saturday, 9 January 2010

Lily Majeed

Lily Majeed
6 November 1924
Kuala Lumpur

I received an SMS this morning that Lily Majeed passed away yesterday afternoon (8 January 2010). Burial was held earlier today at 11 am at Bukit Kiara. I called the sender (Norman Noordin) but there was no answer.

I also tried calling Prof Datin Farida Jamal but there was no reply.

Prof Datin Farida provided me with Dato Paduka Dr Ruby's biography.

I've informed our family members in Facebook.

Siblings of Dato Paduka Dr Ruby Abdul Majeed:
  1. Datuk Lily Majeed (eldest)
  2. Datuk Paduka Dr Ruby Majeed (m. Dr Syed Mahmood bin Syed Hussain Jamalullail)
  3. Dato Hamzah bin Abdul Majeed (m. Freida)
  4. Ann Majeed
  5. Rozina Majeed
  6. Prof Zuraina Majeed (m. Prof Vincent Lowe)


Dr Ridzwan Bakar said...

I'm not sure whether this is factually correct. What I do know is that Datuk Lily Majeed, sister of Ruby,passsed away at UMMC following a surgical procedure, earlier this month. Will try to verify further.

Faridah said...

TQ for your post. Please do verify. I will re-check my SMS too.

Dato Hamzah bin Abdul Majeed said...

I am Hamzah, Dr. Ruby's younger brother, and I wish to post a comment. The report above of her passing is not correct. I am happy to say that Ruby is alive and well. My wife Freida and I had lunch with her today at the home of another sister, Ann. Also present was another sister Rozina. It was my eldest sister, Lily, who sadly left us last year following an angioplasty procedure at UMMC, as correctly reported by Dr. Ridwan Bakar.

Faridah said...

Dear Dato Hamzah,
Thank you for your comment and verifying that it was Lily and not Dr Ruby who passed away.

Anonymous said...

Give My Salam for Uncle Majeed Family, I am Rizwan Shuhaib From Sri Lanka, aunty Ruby,Ann,Rozina,and Suraina. and Uncle Hamzah for whole Family,

Rizwan Dari Maggona.Srilanka.

Faridah said...

This is the link on Lily Majeed' death:

I need everyone related to Dr Ruby Majeed to write to me as I cannot write her biography fully. Please e-mail me at or call me at 012-963 2218.

Prof Faridah