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British Malacca

Photos and description of British Malacca are at Janus collection at http://janus.lib.cam.ac.uk

What is included (photos by William Langham-Carter):

  1. Malacca river view
  2. Malacca town and hillside
  3. Malacca fort (the date on the fortress gate by VOC should be 1641)
  4. Residency Malacca
  5. Bridge over Malacca river

David Brown 1778-1825

David Brown was famous in Penang. He had owned a section of Penang island - a piece of land called Brown Garden where his house/office was built initially. When I was in Penang in the early 1960s, Brown Garden was still a controversial piece of land. Brown Garden was bordered by the lands of 2 Malays  - Datuk Jenaton whose land is now the Minden Heights housing area, and the other was Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos, an early Malay doctor, whose land was atop Bukit Pemancar, while Brown Garden was mainly in the lowland/valley, but it stretched up to the hilly region. I don't have the full story but some Penangites may still remember the story about Brown Garden.

Title Correspondence of David Brown
Reference RCMS 103/13
(former reference: BAM XIII)
Creator Brown, David, 1778-1825
Covering Dates 1801–1825
Extent and Medium 1 file; paper; mixed scripts
Content and context
David Brown was born in Longformacus, Berwickshire, Scotland in 1778. He studied law in Edinburgh, but joined his countryman James Scott's mercantile business in Penang in 1800. Scott was the trading partner of Francis Light, who had taken over Light 's estate after his death in 1794. Brown succeeded Scott when he died in 1808. Brown became the largest land owner and planter in Penang, pioneering the introduction of nutmeg cultivation. He died in 1825 when travelling to Malacca.
26 letters concerning economic development and the management of his estates exchanged between Brown and various correspondents. The collection includes eight letters from Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. The file also includes a typescript copy of the will of Francis Light.

Glugor House in Brown Garden, Glugor/Gelugor.
Photo was taken from Penang - Past and Present.
Brown Estate, Buildings structures, planter's bungalow,
Code No.: PSL45
Category: Photographs
Scale/No.: n/a 
Title: Glugor House
Features: no date given, Double storey bungalow verandah Tuscan columns, brick and lime building with extended roof to create a shaded verandah on two sides supported on tall timber columns. Brick columns support a single storey verandah terracotta tiled roof , Penang Island, Straits Settlements, 
Source: The Penang State Library Collection 
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Gelugor House and Spice Plantations in Gelugor. 
Gelugor House was owned by David Brown, who settled in Penang circa 1800. 
In the plantations were grown pepper, nutmegs, cloves and other spices

There are 3 Brown names - David Brown, Dr David Brown, and FS Brown.

Duke of Edinburgh visit, Government Officials, (l) Anson Lieutenant Governor of Penang, (4l) Sir Harry Ord Gov of SS, (3r) F S Brown Glugor Estate, centre - Sir William Hackett Judge,
Code No.: PSL46
Category: Photographs
Scale/No.: n/a
Title: Colonel Anson and welcoming party
Year: 1869
Features: n/a, unidentified buildings to rear, standing under a tree on a path, George Town, Straits Settlements,
Source: The Penang State Library Collection
URL: http://www.penanglib.gov.my

Citing BAM

The Association of British Malaya was founded in 1920, replacing the Straits Settlements Association which had existed since 1868. In the light of changing circumstances it became the British Association of Malaya, the British Association of Malaysia and the British Association of Malaysia and Singapore.
The photos were deposited with the Royal Commonwealth Society in 1973 on the dissolution of the British Association of Malaysia and Singapore.
Please cite as Cambridge University Library: Royal Commonwealth Society Library, Photograph collection of the British Association of Malaysia and Singapore, BAM

People who have served BAM:
  1. Hugh Bryson (died 1977), Secretary 1952-1967
  2. GR Lambert, official photographer to the King of Siam, 1879; Lambert and Co. 1879-1918
  3. Alexander Koch, assistant photographer, Lambert and Co 1883-1884; later as manager
  4. HT Jensen 1908-1910 - his photo is in 'Twentieth Century Impressions of British Malaya.'
  5. H Nugent Buckeridge managed Lambert and Co 1914-1917; became independent commercial photographer in Singapore-WWII
  6. Charles J Kleingrothe
  7. August E Kaulfuss
  8. Leonard Wray (1852-1942) entered Perak Civil Service 1881
  9. William Langham-Carter (1869-1940); cadet in Straits Settlement 1890; held several posts in Province Wellesley 1895-1897 and 1907-1913; Singapore 1898-1906; British Adviser in Kelantan 1913-1916; Singapore judge 1916-1922; Resident-Councillor in Malacca 1922-1925; retired 1925.

Kelantan Volunteer Rifles 1914

I don't know about the Sikh Police Band but I have seen some photos of them at the Penang Museum. I don't know about the Kelantan Volunteer Rifles (KVR) but there is a place where the group gathers in Kota Bharu and there is a rifle range in Pengkalan Chepa - is this the same group? Is the KVR still active?

Sikh Police Band
  1. Where did the Sikh police come from? Were they imported?
  2. What is the Sikh Police Band?
  3. Is it the same group of people who defended Kelantan against the Japanese invasion at Pantai Dasar Sabak on 7/8 December 1941?

KVR officers, 1914:
  1. What is the KVR?
  2. When was the KVR set up in Kelantan?
  3. Why was the KVR set up in Kelantan?
  4. Who comprised the KVR members?
  5. DCR Rainnie, Duff Development Company (What is this company?)
  6. William Langham-Carter, British Adviser
  7. Herbert Alfred Anderson, CO of the KVR (CO = Commanding Officer?)

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Title: Kelantan Volunteer Rifles, Sikh Police Band, circa 1914
Reference BAM 14/1
Extent and Medium Good condition, apart from slight fading.
Content and context
129 x 77 mm.
Showing the Sikh band marching past with three officers of the K.V.R. following behind. These are identified as: D.C.R. RAINNIE, Duff Development Company; William LANGHAM-CARTER, British Adviser; and Herbert Alfred ANDERSON, C.O. of the K.V.R.
Further information: Biographical notes on Herbert Anderson at BAM 6/14.

Duff Development Company

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 7 April 1937, Page 1

Mr William Kerr

Mr William Kerr was Supervisor of Customs in Kelantan in 1920. Before he left Kelantan, he gave his photo albums to Mr and Mrs William Langham-Carter. Before Carter left Kelantan, he left the albums in the hands of the Sultan of Kelantan, who then passed the photo albums to Muzium Kelantan. I have seen the photo albums in Muzium Kelantan. Muzium Kelantan is trying to trace both the Kerr and Carter families. Please contact Muzium Kelantan if you know about the photos, Kerr or Carter. I only said to Muzium Kelantan that I will try and help find Kerr and Carter. I guess this is the biggest clue we have to date. I will need to inform Muzium Kelantan of this find.

Title Kelantan 1914
Reference BAM 14
Creator Kerr, William, fl 1914-1920, Supervisor of Customs (?)
Covering Dates 1914
Extent and Medium 12 images in 1 folder; Generally in good condition.
Content and context
William Kerr was Supervisor of Customs, Kelantan in 1920.
An album containing prints measuring approximately 135 x 80 mm, most captioned either in manuscript beneath the print or in the negative. Captions composed for this entry are enclosed in square brackets. The album contains mainly scenic views. Photographs are probably by William Kerr. The album was a Christmas gift to Mr. and Mrs. William Langham-Carter from William Kerr. http://janus.lib.cam.ac.uk

William Langham-Carter (1869-1940)

Carter, William Langham - (1869-1940)
Photograph collection of the British Association of Malaysia and Singapore 1880-1969
Carter, William Langham - (1869-1940)

Janus Photograph Collection

Photograph collection of the British Association of Malaya and Singapore: