Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mr William Kerr

Mr William Kerr was Supervisor of Customs in Kelantan in 1920. Before he left Kelantan, he gave his photo albums to Mr and Mrs William Langham-Carter. Before Carter left Kelantan, he left the albums in the hands of the Sultan of Kelantan, who then passed the photo albums to Muzium Kelantan. I have seen the photo albums in Muzium Kelantan. Muzium Kelantan is trying to trace both the Kerr and Carter families. Please contact Muzium Kelantan if you know about the photos, Kerr or Carter. I only said to Muzium Kelantan that I will try and help find Kerr and Carter. I guess this is the biggest clue we have to date. I will need to inform Muzium Kelantan of this find.

Title Kelantan 1914
Reference BAM 14
Creator Kerr, William, fl 1914-1920, Supervisor of Customs (?)
Covering Dates 1914
Extent and Medium 12 images in 1 folder; Generally in good condition.
Content and context
William Kerr was Supervisor of Customs, Kelantan in 1920.
An album containing prints measuring approximately 135 x 80 mm, most captioned either in manuscript beneath the print or in the negative. Captions composed for this entry are enclosed in square brackets. The album contains mainly scenic views. Photographs are probably by William Kerr. The album was a Christmas gift to Mr. and Mrs. William Langham-Carter from William Kerr. http://janus.lib.cam.ac.uk