Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Madras Medical College, Madras, India

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Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), New Delhi, India

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Philosophy and the Founding Father of AMU
Information about AMU and its Historical Milestones

Chistiyia Medical College, Ajmer, India

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Ismailiyah Medical College, New Delhi, India

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The Malay College, Kuala Kangsar, Perak

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MCKK dalam Wikipedia (Bahasa Melayu)
MCKK Facebook
MCKK Old Boys Association (OBA) / MCOBA


Sembang Kuala (blog)
Perak Tourism

The Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur

The Victoria Institution was at High Street before it was relocated to Petaling Hill.

VI @ High Street

  • was a brick and wood building with Malay architecture
  • was on low ground and prone to flooding
  • was flooded in 1926
  • was razed by fire (undated) and was rebuilt (undated)

VI @ Petaling Hill
  • existed in 1937 (without any trees)
  • is near Stadium Merdeka
  • the playing field was a cemetery
  • the bookstore in the school basement was used as a prison cell by the Japanese army in WWII

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St Xavier's Institution

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The Anglo-Chinese School, Penang

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