Friday, 29 June 2012

Some feedback from Xlibris

Rey Barnes called at lunch time today to explain the nature of the books and purchases. I will just summarize what I heard from her and what I can make out of the phone call ( there were a lot of echoes so I couldn't hear her properly), and what I have understood so far.

  1. She will request Xlibris to expedite publication of one book (the small book) as I have requested the books to be published before or by October 2012; since Malaysian govt institutions (university libraries, etc) cannot make purchase orders after October as the accounts will be closed (October 2012-March 2013). The other book (big book) may need a little bit more time before it can be published, and Xlibris will try to get the second book out too by October 2012. I informed Rey Barnes about Ramadan and also the Hajj season and re our upcoming 13GE.... hectic time.
  2. The print copies can be purchased at Xlibris and; anyone can purchase any version. Business as usual.
  3. The ebook version is as explained by Rey Barnes in a preceding post. Nobody can download a second time after the initial download (must be prepaid and must download at certain times). The download link is immediately deactivated after one download. The ebook is not searchable before download as the book is not visible to search engines. I have only requested 4 pages of the ebook to be displayed online - cover and TOC. That's all the search engines can see. The search engines cannot search contents of the ebook as the contents won't be uploaded along with the displayed pages.
  4. Institutions can request free complimentary copies of the print copies, but not the ebook. The ebook is only for purchasing, not complimentary copy or FOC.
  5. Persons can request print copies but Xlibris will decide whether to give complimentary copies or not. If in doubt, Xlibris will contact me and I can decide.
  6. All other matters re purchase will be referred to me and I can release or refuse any sale to any person. Of course I don't like to be doing this job.
  7. Anyone can write to Xlibris and ask Rey Barnes re my books or if they have further queries.
  8. My 2 books (each book has 3 versions) will be available for as long as I live and for 50 years after my death. After that the books will be free for circulation (they will enter into public domain). If I still want the books to be copyrighted for another 50 years, then my children will need to file for copyright once more. If I  live another 50 years, I will be 104!!!! 
  9. The books will be printed on demand; Xlibris does not store printed books. When you order a print book, it will print one book just for you. That way, you always get a fresh book, not an old book. Xlibris is a green company which means it tries to cut down on paper and save the trees, keep the ozone layer intact and we get a cooler Earth. Xlibris encourages the ebook. In future, almost all books will be published as ebooks, no print books anymore.
  10. Book dealers, book resellers, orang jual buku, etc - can write to Xlibris for discounted price and then resell at whatever price they wish, and make a profit. This is ok with me.
  11. Xlibris is also looking at the Malaysian and Singapore buyers: doctors' associations, medical groups, dental groups, organisations, companies, ministries/kementerian, etc who will be interested in the books. Please write to Xlibris and for bulk orders, etc. I will make the ISBN #s for the second book handy when I have them.
  12. I will not be selling my own books, so everyone has to buy them online at Xlibris or 
  13. The people at Xlibris said the books are very good. One lady phoned to inform she liked the Preface so much that she couldn't resist to copy a para of it for her Facebook. Of course I allowed it cos I wanted her to be happy. The para was about children's literacy.
  14. Rey Barnes also told me to check my email (often)....sebab lambat jawab emel. Of course I cannot check my email when I'm out among the rubber trees!
I hope this post is helpful for everyone. Take care.

Prof Faridah


This is the answer from Xlibris to my queries re ebook.

from: Rey Barnes Rey.Barnes [a]
to: faridahar [a]
date: Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 1:43 PM
subject: Book ID 501452

Hello Faridah,

e-Book is the electronic copy of your book. The version that we will provide the buyers will depend on the type of e-book reader they are using. However, there is now a new innovation that one e-book version is already compatible to all readers (Macintosh, Nook, iPad, Adobe Digital, Kindle, etc). We will send them a download link that offers one-time download to make sure that only the person who bought a copy will get the product. After the download process, the link deactivates and they can no longer use it for downloading another copy. They also need to download the material within 5 business days or the link will also deactivate and become useless.

I have posted some links earlier re the present ebook version that operates on all mobile devices.

According to Rey Barnes, libraries today lack space and they would prefer to have the ebook version.

Here are examples of ebooks.
Other examples of ebooks
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