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St John Ambulance HQ, Kota Bharu, Kelantan


The St John Ambulance HQ in Kota Bharu is behind the Esso petrol pump and bordered by Jalan Gereja and Jalan Mahmud, adjacent to the Pembangunan Perempuan building and right in front of the new Hotel Perdana, and some distance from Hotel Sentosa. The main entrance is near the Hotel Sentosa side. The left side faces Hotel Perdana, and the back faces the Pembangunan Perempuan building. The building appears dilapidated but there is movement and some cars are parked on its grounds. I don't know who works there. Google map indicates the venue is that of Ibu Pejabat Cawangan Bulan Sabit Merah Kelantan.

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History of the Early Malay Doctors

In our medical history, the St John Ambulance is a favourite organisation and many of the early Malay doctors joined the St John Ambulance in order to help their communities and offer their expertise. They were also members of the Order of the St John (OStJ).


1908 -- establishment of St John Ambulance in Malaysia

1908-1938 -- first 30 years, activities limited to Army and Railway

1938 -- formation of St John Ambulance Brigade in major states. Members were recruited as Stretcher-Bearers and attended First Aid lectures (in due light of WWII). First Aid Posts were opened at the Divisions.

September 1941 -- introduction of Medical Auxiliary Service (MAS). St John Ambulance Brigade members absorbed into MAS; they used uniforms and held ranks.

1946 -- St John Ambulance Brigade members were paid 'war allowance'.

8 December 1941 - 15 September 1945 -- WWII; the St John Ambulance Brigade served alongside the British Armed Forces (military) and the British Malayan Railway Administration (railway). They retreated from the Japanese conquered towns and headed south to Singapore to assist in the Battle of Singapore.

14 & 15 February 1942 -- the St John Ambulance Brigade members were involved in the Battle of Singapore.

15 September 1945 -- surrender of the Japanese in Singapore.

1945 -- reoccupation of Malaya by the British Armed Forces (military).

1959 -- the St John Ambulance functioned in all the Malay states.

1972 -- the St John Ambulance Association and St John Ambulance Brigade within Malaysia, were amalgamated into one Corporation known as the St John Ambulance of Malaysia, under the St John Ambulance of Malaysia (Incorporation) Act, 1972 which was passed by the Malaysian Parliament.

St John Ambulance HQ at left and Hotel Perdana at right.
Main entrance on Jalan Gereja
Viewed from Jalan Mahmud

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HRPZ II Kota Bharu, Kelantan (4)

Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II (HRPZ II)

The casualty section is a big building with old Malay architecture and facade, and is labelled as Kecemasan. In other hospitals, it is called and labelled as Accident and Emergency (A&E). The Kecemasan building fronts Jalan Hospital. Ambulances drive on Jalan Hospital, enter through the main entrance (arch) and drive up the ramp at Kecemasan.

Site map and layout plan of the hospital. The old colonial buildings are low single-storey and with tiled roofs. The more recent additions are mixed, some are low and some are high-rise and the roof styles differ greatly. Visiting hours are posted but the parking lot is always full and the public seems to be on the hospital ground 24h. The public likes this hospital as they prefer the old low-lying buildings as opposed to the more modern high-rise complexes.

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Visiting hours for the public

The director's office building is a single white building with red roof. The director's office is upstairs on the first floor (tingkat 1). The office is very small and packed.

A hawker selling pau in front of the director's office complex. The high-rise is Wisma Persekutuan. The casualty is at left.

The new orthopaedic department (Jabatan Ortopedik) and clinic are housed in front of the casualty. The old orthopaedic clinic used to be in the old colonial building near the old x-ray unit.