Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dr Roger Raymond Sellman

Dr & Mrs RR Sellman
Pound Down Corner
Exeter EX 42HP

(Phone Tedburn St Mary 293)
Dr RR Sellman is a British historian and was my mum's tutor when she was attending the Malayan Teachers' Training College at Kirkby near Liverpool, England in 1952-1954. They have never stopped corresponding after my mum left Kirkby. My mother passed away in June 2004. My father passed away in 2009. I have not communicated with Dr RR Sellman since my parents passed away.

Pack of photos from Mr Sellman, 1964-67

A card my mum had received from Roger Raymond Sellman and Mia Sellman

Had it not been for a chance meeting with Dr RR Sellman at his home at Pound Down Corner in Exeter during my brief 9-day visit to England in August 1980, I would not have continued writing TEMD with the fervor I did and to this end.

Dr Sellman's strong words when he advised me to quit biochemistry right away and start write Malaysian history at age 21, continued to linger in my mind for another 22 years before I actually commenced writing on History of Medicine.

His advice always came back during times when I faced writers' block and was the major driving force which pushed me to continue writing TEMD for 7 years till it was completed in October 2009!

Who is he, really? Mum told me that he had written on British history (she gave me no further details before she died). I searched further today (29 January 2010) and found more on him.

Here is a list of Dr RR Sellman's books:

His name is Dr Roger Raymond Sellman (Dr RR Sellman). He was born in 1915. He was 103 in 2018.

Mrs Sellman (her name is Mia) kept her black poodle named Twiggy, in the toilet when I visited them. It gave me a fright when I entered the toilet and Twiggy started barking from inside the bath tub! Mrs Sellman also made my favourite bread-and-butter pudding for my visit. She used fresh cow's milk, which was delivered to her doorstep.

Photos at Pound Down Corner, Exeter (August 1980):
(obtained from my dad's pendrive after he died in March 2009)
Left to right: myself, Mrs Sellman (Mia), mum and Dr RR Sellman (Roger Sellman).
Their house is in the background. August 1980.
Left to right: Mr Gurney (with tie), Dr RR Sellman and Mrs Sellman with their dog.

Sitting in front row from left: The Gurneys with Dr RR Sellman & Mrs Sellman with their dog. I am standing with my parents. This was in the living-room, facing a large picture window.

The Gurneys
4 Langaller Close
Bovey Tracey
Newton Abbot
Devon TQ13 9EB
(Phone Bovey Tracey 832728)