Thursday, 5 July 2012

KB Today

Today is Nisfu Sya'ban, which means we start fasting in 2 weeks time. I visited Kota Bahru (KB) after lunch, to see KB for the 3rd time this year. I also visited my father's uncle's shop in KB - Jaffar Rawas, as I usually do, days before Ramadan. It is like an unwritten ritual. Jaffar Rawas store sells Quran, dates, air zamzam, etc. Laila Rawas store sells textiles. Let's see, the development in KB this far, on Nisfu Sya'ban 1433 H, 2 weeks before Ramadan.

Bridge from Pasir Hor side (left) to USM side (right).
KB  is straight ahead. Kubang  Kerian is behind the camera side.
KB taxi stand near Tabung Haji (TH). The small shop at the left of the tall TH building is a mobile phone outlet. It sells mobile phone batteries for RM20 each. I bought 4 pieces.
KB taxi stand
An old street with a herbal dealer.
Old street scene.
At the end of the old street is the KB Scouts corner
Studio apartments under construction in KB, the former site of Pasar Kain MPKB.
Ansar Garden Hotel and Wan Ali Tailor in KB.
I just noticed that Jaffar Rawas store is beneath PAS HQ. This particular Jaffar Rawas store sells the most number of Quran in Kelantan. I remember buying 30 Quran from this store when I first came to live in Kelantan in September 1983. I still buy a lot of Quran from this store, mostly to give away as wedding gifts. There are some beautiful Quran here. This is a blessed store. There is a fridge in front that has fruit juices - apple juice, pomegranate juice, mango juice, etc. Today I saw 4 types of dates at Jaffar Rawas but I didn't see a particular type that I like - one that is heart-shaped, appears pale yellow and tastes sweeter than sugar. I have to come again.
Jaffar Rawas and Laila Rawas stores in KB.
Pusat Perubatan An-Nisa' (women's hospital). Most Muslim women prefer to come here to give birth as they prefer female doctors to handle them during delivery. I don't know what the cost is.
High rise in KB: on the left is Kota Bharu Trade Centre (KTC), on the right is the new Perdana Hotel (the old buiding that was built in the early 1970s was demolished to build this new one). KTC also houses the Red Warriors bistro.

Another place I visited was Azam Money Changer in KB. I didn't take any photo there as he deals with cash. Today Affandi exchanged RM2,625 and got AUD$800. He and Ibrahim will be leaving for Perth after Aidilfitri. They will be in Perth for 2 weeks, mostly for some transaction. Ibrahim is both Australian as well as Malaysian. (Azam later closed down.)

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