Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tan Sri Dato' Dr Hj Yahaya bin Ibrahim

Tan Sri Dato' Dr Hj Yahaya bin Ibrahim was a close friend of my parents. Our families lived at Maktab Perguruan Kota Bharu, Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan when I first met him. I was in Primary 5 till Form 1. He often came to our house. I sometimes go over to his house for tea and to watch the fishes in the aquarium. My brothers played with his son Badril. I lost track of him after our families left Kelantan in 1971.

(Arwah) Cikgu Ramli bin Shaari (in Facebook) informed me that Tan Sri Yahaya Ibrahim heads the Kirkby Alumni in Malaysia.
Arwah Cikgu Ramli Shaari's page in Facebook: uploaded a lot of old photographs, including those at Kirkby.

My late parents, Chikgu Ramli bin Shaari and wife Chikgu Zainab bt Hamid Don, Tan Sri Dr Yahaya bin Ibrahim, Safiah bt Ismail (Tan Sri Abdul Majid's sister), Yasmin Hanoum Ariff (Sir Kamil Ariff's daughter) and her the future husband Nuruddin Jamin, Tuanku Bainun (former Sultanah Perak), and many more were colleagues at the Malayan Teachers' Training College in Kirkby, near Liverpool in England in the early 1950s.

Kirkby College existed from 1951 and closed down in 1962. The place is no more. Tan Sri Yahaya Ibrahim is continuing efforts to let prospective students to experience something like Kirkby College. His grandson Shafiq Badril is handling the running of operations for students to study overseas. You can enquire further from Shafiq Badril.

IJN heart surgeon Dr Mohd Amin Nuruddin is Yasmin Hanoum-Nuruddin Jamin's son. I'm uncertain whether I have met her son. I only know that he is Sir Kamil Ariff's grandson after I spoke to Aunty Yasmin Hanoum on the phone, after I met him. I have never met Aunty Yasmin Hanoum. Nuruddin Jamin is Sir Kamil Ariff's son-in-law and my father's batchmate at Kirkby.

I met a doctor named Dr Mohd Amin twice, once at a Ministry of Health Telehealth meeting in Jalan Cenderawasih MoH complex and another at a National Conference on Medical Sciences held at USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.
Entry from Tan Sri Yahaya Ibrahim. From The 1957 Album (the Star). The caption says "A family picture during our stay at the government quarters near the Botanical Gardens in Kuala Lumpur".
(Tan Sri Yahya Ibrahim is standing at far right. His wife is standing at far left.)

My father is at right with songkok. Nuruddin Jamin is next to him.
They were sailing to England in 1951 to attend the Malayan Teachers' Training College, Kirkby.
They were in the first batch of teachers sent there for 2 years. The positive ID of Nuruddin Jamin was made by Rukiah Hanoum Omar Farok in Facebook. Photo from Bapak's collection.

Malayan trainee teachers at Kirkby, early 1950s. One of the Malay ladies is Safiah Ismail, Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid's sister. Photo from Bapak's collection
Malayan trainee teachers at Kirkby in England, 1952-53 hockey team.
My mother was hockey captain - she's kneeling in centre. Kneeling 2nd right is Tuanku Bainun.

Photo from Mak's collection.
entry from Tan Sri Yahaya Ibrahim
Entry from Tan Sri Yahaya Ibrahim. From The 1957 Album (the Star). The caption says. "One of the form five classes which I taught in the Malacca High School back in 1957. (first from right) I am seating with the other teachers in this picture". Photo source: 

Could this be En Yahaya Ibrahim in 1957 or later?
Photo from Bapak's collection.
Tan Sri Dato' Dr Yahaya bin Ibrahim (red baju Melayu) with grandson Shafiq Badril (black baju Melayu).

Rukiah Hanoum Omar Farok in Facebook:
Her brother Omar Ariff Omar Farok has a lot of photos of Sir Kamil Ariff.