Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dr Mohamed Ibrahim's lineage

This is a YouTube video on Prof Ahmad Ibrahim, the eldest son of Dr Mohamed Ibrahim bin Shaik Ismail.

These are the male names known in Dr Mohamed Ibrahim's lineage: 

First generation (G1)
Shaik Ismail Ballah (c1843-1928) - an archivist with the German Embassy in Singapore since 1892 till his death; his details are published in The Straits Times. 

Second generation (G2)
Dr Mohamed Ibrahim bin Shaik Ismail (1892-1962) - a medical doctor; his details are published in The Straits Times. 

Third generation (G3)
Prof Ahmad bin Mohamed Ibrahim (1916-1999) - a lawyer; served Singapore and Malaysia; popularly known as Prof Ahmad Ibrahim, founder of law faculties for UM and UIAM; his details are widely published. He was involved with the talks for the creation of Malaysia between 1960 and 1963, merging Singapore with Malaysia. 

Fourth generation (G4)
Dr Mohamed Tahir bin Ahmad Ibrahim - medical doctor; popularly known as Dr Mohamed Tahir bin Ahmad or Dr Tahir. He is not the oldest Malay doctor in Singapore today (born 26 April 1944). There are 5 others who are older than him who are practising in Singapore. He still practices at the Crescent Clinic and Surgery, Eunos Crescent, Singapore. 
http://www.darul-arqam.org.sg/embracing-islam/circumcision/  http://www.accordingtopatients.org/singapore/22056/medical-doctors/mohamed-tahir-bin-ahmad/

Fifth generation (G5)
Iskandar bin Mohamed Tahir - a lawyer in Kuala Lumpur
Ibrahim bin Mohamed Tahir - an editor and bookstore owner (Wardah Books in Bussorah St) in Singapore

Sixth generation (G6)
Sons of Iskandar and Ibrahim Tahir.