Friday, 21 December 2012

Australian Book Review (ABR)

Where do I advertise my books? Frank Williams (Xlibris) suggested to try the Australian Book Review (ABR). According to him, my books are great and they must make it to a great advertising space, and that is the ABR. How much does it cost to advertise my books at ABR? Expensive, AUD$399 to start with for a quarter page of the ABR magazine. What is the ABR? It is where new books get advertised for Australia and New Zealand, and where 17,000 educated and affluent books readers check for new books. Is it worth for me to advertise there and pay for advertisement?

I asked him to check on the sales of my 2 books. The sales register ends at mid-February to mid-March 2013. So I will only know about my book sales at Xlibris, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc in late March 2013. So far there are no sales for both the books as recorded by Xlibris register. So this is bad news for December 2012. But I will know by March 2013 if there is sale.

Bad or good sales, I have published already. Now is the marketing and sales activities which I have no advanced skillset with to move forward. But I'm learning about the book market at the local and international fronts everyday from asking around and reading online.

Will any university or organisation assist me? I don't think so because my book titles are a new genre and my name is also new (first time author).

My books are classified as Australian because they are published by Xlibris Australia (the principal company is in USA). However, at Amazon, it says the book source is USA. I guess it doesn't matter because my university degrees are both USA and Australian. Only my citizenship is Malaysian. I guess with authorship, readers are concerned with "popular countries" as source of books. Malaysia is actually insignificant as a source of books at the international scene. That's how I see things.

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Technical Note: Adjust horizontal misalignment

I had used Ashampoo Photo Commander 10 to align some images (maps and charts) that appeared tilted. It can be downloaded and used for trial. It will disappear from the computer at the end of the trial period. I had to re-download the software to create the images for this post.

This software is fast and displays all folders. When a particular folder is clicked, all the photos in that folder will be displayed at the bottom right panel.

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