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The Identification of the Common Anophelines of Malai and Thailand

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Dr AA Sandosham was the Officer-in-charge of the Bogyaku Kenkyu Shitsu. He wrote Malaria in Malai, A handbook for antimalaria students. It was published by the Syonan Tokubetu-Si and was printed by Messrs GH Kist & Co, Ltd, Singapore. 2605 (Lee 2005:102).

1. Lee, Edmund JD. To Sail Uncharted Seas. 2005. National University of Singapore. ISBN 981-4138-33-9.


Identification of the common anopheles of Malai and Thailand [1945]

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by AA Sandosham

Bogyaku Kenkyu Shitsu. Booki-Ka, Syonan Tokubetu-Si. Published by the Syonan TokubetuSi. Printed by Messrs. G. H. Kiat & Co., Ltd., Syonan.


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