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34. Dr Ismail bin Abdul Rahman (1915-1973)

Dr Ismail bin Abdul Rahman (1915-1973)
MBBS 1945 University of Melbourne

Date of birth: 4 November 1915
Place of birth: Johor
Date of demise: Thursday, 2 August 1973
Place of demise: In his bedroom at home in Maxwell Road (now Jalan Tun Dr Ismail), Kuala Lumpur
Place of burial: Makam Pahlawan (Warriors' Mausoleum), Masjid Negara, Kuala Lumpur

Attended schools and colleges:
  1. Sekolah Bukit Zaharah, JB
  2. Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar, JB
  3. King Edward VII Medical College, Singapore (then went to Australia)
  4. University of Melbourne, continued medical studies and graduated with MBBS in 1945

Returned to Singapore on 26 July 1946 (postwar period)
Political involvement:
  1. Johor, Federal Legislature, Malayan Govt (1st Cabinet), resigned & rejoined
  2. Malaysia's 1st Ambassador to USA
  3. Malaysia's Permanent Representative to the UN
  4. Most noted as Home Minister for his capabilities in the restoration of law and order following the May Incidences (13 May 1969 riots) - and restoration of public confidence in the Govt. Therefore called "The Man Who Saved Malaysia".
  5. Malaysia's 2nd Deputy Prime Minister in 1970 (Tun Abdul Razak was PM)

Structures named after him: TTDI, Jalan TDI, TDI Hostel in UKM, etc
From Salasilah Tok Abdul Jabbar:
Wife: Norashikin bt Mohd Seth @ "Neno" (17 Jan 1930 - 2 Jul 2010; sister of Ghazali & Yahya Mohd Seth, MB Pahang)
Children: 6 (4 boys and 2 girls):

  1. Mohamed Tawfik (eldest boy)
  2. Zailah (girl)
  3. Badariah (girl)
  4. Tarmizi
  5. Zamakshari
  6. Mohamed Ariff

Grandchildren: 13
Died 3 years after becoming DPM
Died in office as Acting Prime Minister when PM Tun Abdul Razak was away in Ottawa
He was a pipe smoker and suffered from neck cancer
On the day he died, his physician, Dr Stewart McPherson was accompanying PM in Ottawa
He had called another physician, Dr Catterall who tried to revive him for 5 hours
Unfortunately, he died of a massive heart attack, aged 57
First to be buried at Makam Pahlawan under the orders of then PM Tun Abdul Razak
“I will do for the country what I will not do for myself and my family.” 
Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman - former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia (1970-1973)
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35. Dr Salma bte Ismail (1918-2014)

Dr Salma bte Ismail (1918-2014)

Date of birth: 19 December 1918
Place of birth: Kanchut, Alor Star, Kedah
Date of demise: 2014

Educated at Sekolah Perempuan Kampong Baharu (Kampong Baru Girls' School, KBGC), and then at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College (SAHC) in March 1933.

Completed Junior Cambridge March 1933
Completed Senior Cambridge 1935

Studied medicine at the King Edward VII College of Medicine in Singapore 1936
Medical studies sponsored by the Kedah state government

Japanese war disrupted her medical studies in Singapore 1942
Returned to Kedah during the war

Medical school closed during the war 1939-1945
Trained during the war at General Hospital Alor Star

Resumed medical studies in the post-war 1946
Graduated with Licentiate of Medicine and Surgery (LMS Singapore) December 1947

The only female medical officer (MO) at General Hospital Alor Star 1947-1960
Attended obstetrics postgraduate course in Dublin, Ireland 1956

Transferred as medical officer in-charge (MO i/c) to Tanglin Hospital, Kuala Lumpur 1960-1967
Retired 6 years early in 1967

Practised privately at Klinik Salma, the first Malay general practice clinic set up in 1967
Fully retired from clinical practice 2005

Awards received:
Bintang Cemerlang Kedah 1959
Darjah Datuk Paduka Mahkota Kedah (DPMK) 1995 --> title Dato'
Darjah Panglima Setia Mahkota (PSM) 1997 --> title Tan Sri
Certificate of Appreciation 2006

Married on 3 March 1950 to Datuk Abu Bakar bin Ibrahim
4 children - Tan Sri Dr Ridzwan Bakar, Mr Ezani, Dr Normi and Rosina
7 grandchildren

Biography of the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore (2012), Faridah Abdul Rashid. Published by Xlibris Australia. ISBN 978-1-4771-5995-8. pp 755-763.

External links:

36. Dr Abdul Wahab bin Mohamed Ariff (1919-2006)

Dr Abdul Wahab bin Mohamed Ariff (1919-2006)

Date of birth: 24 December 1919
Place of birth: Georgetown, Penang
Date of demise: 9 March 2006
Place of death: At home in Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Notes from the author:
Please refer to my book, Biography of the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore, pages 262-276, for his full biography.

Government Service

  • 1950 - entered government service
  • 1950-58 - MO Penang, MO Butterworth, MO Perlis (Kangar), MO Kuala Pilah
  • 1954 - got rid of gastroenteritis epidemic
  • 1953-55 - CMHO Perlis; established Snake Unit in Perlis
  • 1955 - his snake venom research was published in BMJ
  • 28 Feb 1956 - Straits Echo Times of Malaya published about snake poisoning
  • 1955-1957 - CMHO Kuala Pilah (separate male & female hospitals)
  • 1957 - CMHO Penang; riots in Penang on New Year's Day
  • 1955 - recipient of Queen's Fellowship in Public Health, Child Health, and Midwifery
  • 1957 - left Malaya to go to England for MRCPE and DCH
  • 5 Jan 1957 - April 1959 - U of London, London Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, and Rotunda Hospital in Dublin
  • Returned to Ministry of Health, Malaya
  • April 1959 - April 1960 - CMHO Terengganu
  • 15 April 1960 - 1963 - Head of Medical and Health Services in Brunei
  • 1963 - Brunei Legislative Council
  • 1964 - CMHO Kelantan
  • 1967 - CMHO Pahang
  • 1968 - CMHO Penang, attended a display, "A History of Medicine in Pictures" (below). Dr Abdul Wahab Mohd Ariff and wife knew Dr MJ Che Lah and wife.

Top photo, from left: Dr Abdul Wahab bin Mohd Ariff (CMHO Penang 1968), man who?, Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos (holding camera), Datin Intan bte Haji Mustapha (wife of Dr Abdul Wahab) and a nurse/matron at rear.

Bottom photo: Display on "A History of Medicine in Pictures" 1968. Could be at General Hospital Penang. The sign on the wall at left says "Blood Transfusion, Maternal & Child Health," etc. The man in turban could be Dr Lakbir Chall Singh of the Rural Clinic in Penang? Both photos are from the collection of Dr MJ Che Lah.

  • 1969 - CMHO Johor
  • 1970 - CMHO Kuala Lumpur
  • 1970 - 1973(?) - Director of Health Services, Director of Planning and Development at MOH Malaysia
  • 1973 - 1974 - Deputy Director-General of Health Malaysia (Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid bin Ismail was 2nd DG)
  • 24 December 1974 - Retired at age 55 years

Post Retirement

  • 1975 - 1978 - Acting VC UKM, first Professor of Social and Preventive Medicine at UKM, HOD Social and Preventive Medicine (now Community Health)
  • 1 June 1975 - May 1978 - second Dean, Faculty of Medicine at UKM
  • May 1978 - Retired at age 59 years


  1. Father - Mohd Ariff bin Ghouse , worked at Finance Dept in Penang Municipal Council, passed away when Abdul Wahab was 18 months old (infant) in 1921.
  2. Mother - Sharifah Aminah bt Syed Mohamed @ Mak Kechik, housewife, passed away at age 72 in Kelantan in 1964 when Dr Abdul Wahab was CMHO Kelantan.
  3. Sibs - 3 brothers: Mohamed (family in Penang), Abu Bakar (family in Kuala Lumpur), and Dr Abdul Wahab (youngest, family in Penang). All 3 brothers are deceased.

Unions - married twice

  1. Sona Baboo: 1 son and 2 daughters: Ahmad Fathil (deceased 1 March 1964), Siti Rohani (deceased in 2013), and Nazli Hanoum.
  2. Datin Intan bte Haji Mustapha (married 1952, Tanjong Bungah; deceased): 1 son: Dato' Mohzani bin Dr Abdul Wahab. Datin Intan was 83 in 2013, 84 in 2014, 85 in 2015, is 86 in 2016.

Dr Abdul Wahab passed away at home in Tanjong Bungah on 9 March 2006, aged 86.

The title of Dr Abdul Wahab's book is given on page 199 of my book, Biography of the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore.

The title of his book is "Medical Students during the Japanese Invasion of Singapore, 1941-1942," published in 1987.

Book link

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 13 February 1930, Page 12

Muslim Scholarships

Muslim Students' Aid Society Scholarship
- by Muslim Students' Aid Society of Singapore
- for Muslim boys attending English schools in the colony
- 5 scholarships of $120 per annum
  3 for Singapore, 1 for Penang and 1 for Malacca
- need Principal's recommendation
- write to Mr. M. S. Marican, secretary of Society
- office address: No. 4, Raffles Place, Singapore

M. S. E. Angullia Scholarship
- from Wakaf Estate of Mr. M. S. E. Angullia, father of
  Mr. A. M. S. Angullia, J.P. of Robinson Road
- awarded alternately to a Muslim boy at Raffles Institution
  and at King Edward VII College of Medicine
- for 2 years

Penang Mohamedan and Hindu Endowments Board Scholarships
- from funds of Captain Kling Mosque
- must be permanent residents of Penang
- for poor orphans

A List of scholarships to and from English schools and Colleges
in the Straits Settlements
- issued by Education Department, Government scholarships for Malay boys
- annual
- 3 for Singapore, 10 for Penang, 10 for Malacca
- $6 a month for Singapore and Penang
- $10 a month for Malacca

37. Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar (1919-1985)

Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar (1919-1985)

Date of birth: 20 January 1919
Place of birth: Penang

Early education: Sekolah Melayu Chowrasta, Penang (Where is this place? Penang Street, George Town?)

Date of death: 12 June 1985 (23 Ramadhan 1405)
Place of death: Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Place of burial: Kubur Banggol or Kubur Che Siti, Mukim Banggol, on the way to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB), near Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Author's notes:

Sources of information:
  1. Aniza bt Mohd Nor, Restoran Cari Cari Lauk, Jalan Pintu Pong, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
  2. Sellene
  3. The Who's Who in Malaysia 1963; 1965; 1971-2 (available in USM main library in Penang)
  4. Raja Sulaiman @ Raja Semail bin Raja Soh, Lot 291, Kg Banggol Badang, Jalan PCB, 15350 Kota Bharu, Kelantan

The Who's Who in Malaysia 1963
The Who's Who in Malaysia 1965
The Who's Who in Malaysia 1971-1972

Berita Harian, 20 November 1970, Page 8
Persatuan B'ton Kelantan giat membimbing bakat2 baharu

His eldest son Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Aziz is married and lives with his family in Kuala Lumpur.
His granddaughter Idora Abdul Rashid is in Facebook (4th daughter of Abdul Rashid).

His son Abdul Rashid has passed away.

The family burial plot at Banggol is near that of Dato Perdana:

38. Dr Omar bin Din (1921-2001)

Dr Omar bin Din (1921-2001)

Date of birth: 19 December 1921
Place of birth: Alor Star, Kedah

Date of death: 2001
Place of death: Died at home from pneumonia; KL

Wife's name: Sepora bt Abdul Wahab   (born 1928; aged 83 in 2011; 84 in 2012; 85 in 2013)
Children: 5
1. Abdul Aziz Omar m. Mahani Ismail
2. Zakiah Omar
3. Yusoff Omar m. Suziana Abdul Aziz
4. Zaidah Omar m. Mohd Zin Bakri
5. Izham Omar m. Zakiah Kurdi

1. Abdul Aziz Omar
2. Zakiah Omar
3. Yusoff Omar (in Facebook; hp 0123-990-486)
4. Zaidah Omar --> mother of Ainee Zin
5. Izham Omar (born 1964; MCKK; in Facebook; hp 019-613-2964; email:; manages rawatan terapi eMan)

1. Nur 'Ainee Mohd Zin (Ainee Zin in Facebook) - m. Khairil Mustafa (in Facebook); son Muhammad Hareez. Ainee Zin studied at Victoria University at Wellington, NZ; works at CIMB.
2. Muhammad Siddiq Mohd Zain
3. Muhammad Mustafa Mohd Zin
4. Nur Amaleen Izham
5. Nur Fareeda Izham
6. Nur 'Aina Omar Izham
7. Abdul Fattah Omar Izham
8. Nur Dameea Omar Izham
9. Nur Aleeya Omar Izham

Great grandson: Muhammad Hareez Khairil

Clan name: Al-Saadi (in Facebook)
- links to many things, including the Hadhrami Arabs, Mahsuri, Siam, Sumatra, etc
- links to Tan Sri Dr Salma Ismail
- Dr Abdul Ghani's relative married to Tan Sri Abdul Kadir (Kedah); refer to comm. with Fadzilah Abdul Ghani

Photos in Facebook:
1. 1931 - Dr Omar bin Din at age 10
2. 1938? - Dr Omar's wife as a little girl
3. 1953 - Dr Omar bin Din (32) at Woking Mosque in England
4. 1954 - 3 young children of Dr Omar bin Din - Zakiah, Yusoff and Abdul Aziz
5. 1965 - Hajj photos of Dr Omar bin Din and Agong
6. 2011 - Dr Omar's wife (83) with grandson Hareez on her lap

39. Dr Abdul Majid bin Ismail (1921-2013)

Dr Abdul Majid bin Ismail (1921-2013)
MBBS 1950 UM (S'pore)

Date of birth: 15 November 1921
Place of birth: His grandfather's house in Kampong Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Date of demise: 24 March 2013 (informed by Abdullah Hamid on 25 March 2013)
Place of demise: At home, Kuala Lumpur
NST - Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid Ismail died at his residence in Taman Duta, Jalan Langgak Duta, at 4 pm on Sunday, aged 92. Buried at Makam Diraja Shah Alam on 29 March 2013 at 11 am.
Published: Ahad Mac 24, 2013 MYT 10:33:00 PM
Updated: Ahad Mac 24, 2013 MYT 10:37:08 PM
Bekas KP Kesihatan Dr Abdul Majid Ismail Meninggal Dunia
KUALA LUMPUR: Bekas Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid Ismail (gambar), 92, meninggal dunia di kediamannya di Taman Duta, Jalan Langgak Duta di sini akibat sakit tua.
Dr Abdul Majid meninggal dunia pada kira-kira 4 petang tadi.
Jenazah Dr Abdul Majid akan dikebumi di Makam Diraja Shah Alam pada 11 pagi esok, selepas disembahyangkan di Masjid Negeri Shah Alam.
Presiden Persatuan Pesara Kerajaan Malaysia Tan Sri Wan Mahmood Pawan Teh ketika dihubungi Bernama berkata Dr Abdul Majid dimakamkan di sana bagi mengenang beliau yang pernah berkhidmat sebagai doktor peribadi Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah sekitar hujung tahun 70-an.
Allahyarham meninggalkan seorang isteri, Puan Sri Khairany Mahyuddin dan tiga anak, seorang lelaki dan dua perempuan.
Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah berkenan menziarah jenazah Allahyarham pada Ahad.
Dr Abdul Majid, anak kelahiran Kuala Lumpur, menyertai Kementerian Kesihatan pada 1950 dan berkhidmat di Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur selepas memperoleh ijazah perubatan (MBBS) Malaya dari Universiti Malaya.
Pada 1951, beliau dilantik Pegawai Perubatan di Malayan Medical Service di hospital berkenaan.
Pada 1969, Allahyarham dilantik Pengarah Perancangan dan Penyelidikan di Kementerian Kesihatan.
Kerjaya beliau dalam perkhidmatan awam mencapai kemuncak dengan pelantikan sebagai Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan dari tahun 1971 hingga 1976. - BERNAMA


Notes from the author:
His full biography is given in my book, Biography of the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore, pages 248-261.


1928-31 - Sekolah Melayu Segambut

1932-39 - Selangor Education Department Scholarship

1932-33 - Maxwell School
1934-35 - Batu Road School
1936-39 - Victoria Institution

Maxwell School.
Photo from Kuala Lumpur Old Photos at
Batu Road School.
Photo from Kuala Lumpur Old Photos at
Also see my previous post on Batu Road School.
Victoria Institution.
Photo from Kuala Lumpur Old Photos at

1940 - Selangor Government Scholarship - to study medicine in Singapore

June 1940 - enrolled in KE VII College of Medicine in Singapore
1940-1942 - studied medicine at KE VII

           WWII disrupted his medical studies.
           Continued his medical studies after the war in 1946.

1946 - resumed medical studies at KE VII
1949 - KE VII Medical College and Raffles College were merged to form University of Malaya. 
1. Lord Earl Mountbatten
2. Rt. Hon. Malcolm MacDonald, Commissioner-General of SEA became first Chancellor of UM
8 July 1950 - Graduated with MBBS (Coco told me that this was the first batch with MBBS)

Government Service

July 1950-August 1953 - MO General Hospital Kuala Lumpur (GHKL)
Participated in Program Doktor Radio at Radio Malaya

Radio Malaya was in a building on Mountbatten Road (old Robinson's departmental store). Mountbatten Road was renamed Jalan Tun Razak.
Postgraduate Studies

1950 - Won Queen's Scholarship to study in England (he was the First Malay Queen's Scholar).

1953-55 - Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. He studied Orthopaedics. Travelled to many places. Returned to Malaya

January-September 1956 - State Surgeon at GH Seremban
Dr Mohamed Din was the Director of Medical Services
Dr Abdul Majid organised the orthopaedic services and training for Malaya

1957 - U of Liverpool. Returned to Malaya

1958-1969 - Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon of the Federation of Malaya (FoM) at GHKL

1963 - Won Eisenhower Fellowship to study in USA (he was the first Eisenhower Fellow)
            Based in Pennsylvania, USA (travelled to many places)

1968 - Hajj pilgrimage

1970-71 - Director of Planning and Research at MOH. Developed medical programs and hospitals for Malaysia.

1971-76 - Second Director-General of Health Malaysia (2nd DG at MOH after Dr Din)

15 November 1976 - retired at age 55 years

Post Retirement

He went into business


Father: Ismail bin Nae'mat (Baba), train repairman in FMSR (1927-1946 died)
Mother: Enjah bt Mohamed Ariff ('Nya), Quran teacher
Sibs: He was the eldest of 12 siblings (4 boys and 8 girls)
1. Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid
2. Rahmah @ Mak Besar @ Bibik @ Ammah @ Ngah (passed away at age 89 years in Nov 2013)
3. Alijah
4. Latifah @ Alang (lived at FELDA Bilut, passed away in 2013)
5. Razak - died less than a year old
6. Osman - died at age 12
7. Fatimah @ Chik.
She was the fourth living child. She was active in welfare work. She was the longstanding secretary of Pertiwi as well as Lembaga Kebajikan Wanita Selangor. She is married to Haji Abdul Kadir, the first Bilut Valley FELDA manager. They have 5 children, son A'akif Fadzil (UPM), daughter Fadzilah A'ini a vet (UPM), Fauziah A'zni an accountant with I&P (resigned), Dr Fairuz Ashikin an obgyn (Faculty of Medicine, UKM) but now in private practice in Shah Alam, and youngest Faisal A'sri, in motoring skill business.
8. Fatmah @ Bibik Melaka - adopted by 'Nek Busu, wife of Abu Chenteng @ Tok Busu
Fatma was adopted by Tok Busu. She was a teacher trained in Kirby. Her children are Mushaini an accountant, Suhaimi catering business, Norshaini in United Nations in New York, Ain in Melaka, Iqram also catering and Anum in Dubai. 
9. Aishah
10. Maznah @ Hasnah
11. Hashim
12. Halimahton


Dr Fairuz Ashikin was a TKC student - she was 5 years my junior. She is called Doc Ayush in Facebook. TKCians Che Mahiran Abu Amin and Ida Hussain know her.  My aunties Salmiah Ahmad and Siti Aishah Md Ali also know her.


Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid's niece Dr Fairuz Ashikin wrote to clarify matters pertaining to his 2 sisters named Fatma and Fatimah. Dr Fairuz's email:
hjh enjah-ismail family
fairuz ashikin
22 January 2014 3:05pm
dear Prof
Salam. My name is Fairuz ashikin A Kadir. I happened to read your blog regarding wak ie tan sri dr abdul majid. He was my mother's eldest brother. Second is mak besar aka bibik aka ammah or ngah. She too just recently passed on 89 yrs last nov. Then the third living is alang, who was in felda bilut. She too passed away last year. The correction is the confusion you had between fatimah and fatma. Fatimah ismail, is my mum. Aka chik. She was the fourth living child. She was active in welfare work. She was the longstanding secretary of pertiwi as well as lembaga kebajikan wanita selangor. Married to hj a kadir, the first bilut valley felda manager. There are 5 of us, my brother A'akif fadzilupm, then my sis Fadzilah a'ini a vet (upm) Fauziah A'zni an accountant with i&p(resigned) me an obgyn fm ukm now private in shah alam. Youngest faisal a'srimotoring skill business. Fatma aka bibik melaka is the one adopted by tok busu. She was a teacher trained in kirby. She has mushaini an accountant, suhaimi catering business, norshaini in united nation new york, ain in melaka, iqram also catering and anum in dubai. Please contact me if need further clarification.

I wrote about the matter in my Facebook but nobody responded.
How many in my Facebook are related to arwah Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid bin Ismail? He was known as Coco or Wak. His niece Dr Fairuz Ashikin (DEMC) contacted me via LinkedIn, to help clarify 2 names of his sisters - Fatma vs Fatimah. Fatma Ismail was adopted by Tok Busu Melaka and she became known as Fatma Busu of Kg Morten in Melaka. She had attended Kirkby College in 1951-1953 (along with Bapak), and became a teacher, then HM. The other lady, Fatimah Ismail married to Abdul Kadir (FELDA). Fatimah and Abdul Kadir are the parents of Dr Fairuz Ashikin.

He had 2 nicknames: Coco or Koko and Wak. He married Puan Sri To' Puan Khairany bt Mahayuddin. She is called Ani. They have 3 children, a son and two daughters--Prof Aljafri Majid, Dr Elisha Majid, and Ellina Majid.

Prof Aljafri Majid is the first Malay Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery. He was the HOD Surgery at University of Malaya. He married Azirah bt Tan Sri Dato' Justice Hashim Yeop Sani.

Dr Ellisha Majid (Pharmacology) married to Professor Dr Alan Robert Woods (Australian mathematician). They have a boy and a girl - Robert and Sarah. They lived in Mt Claremont, Western Australia. Prof Alan R. Woods passed away in mid-December 2011.

Prof Woods 1953-2011Alan Robert Woods was born on June 21, 1953, in Brisbane, Australia, as the first child of Geoff and Jess Woods. After obtaining a B.Sc. (Honours, 1st class) in Mathematics at the University of Queensland (1971-1974), he continued his studies, completing first an M.Sc. by research at the University of Monash (1975-1978) and then a Ph.D. at the University of Manchester, UK (1978-1981). His Ph.D. thesis was entitled “Some problems in logic and number theory, and their connections” and was supervised by J.B. Paris. Alan held academic appointments at the University of Malaya (Lecturer, 1982-1985), Yale University (Assistant Professor, 1985-1989) and at the University of Western Australia (Lecturer, 1990-1993, Honorary Research Fellow, 1994-2002, and Adjunct Associate Professor, 2003-2011). He also held visiting positions at Rutgers University (1989), Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (2000), Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin (2003) and Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (2003). Alan gave about 30 invited lectures at international conferences, Universities and research centers all over the world. Alan’s research interests lied in Mathematical Logic, Computational Complexity and their connections with Algebra, Combinatorics and Number Theory. He (co-)authored 17 research papers which appeared in prestigious international journals, including the Journal of Symbolic Logic, Theoretical Computer Science and Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, as well as in conference proceedings volumes. He supervised the Ph.D. thesis of J.M. Foy (Yale University), the M.Sc. thesis of K. Fergusson (University of Western Australia) and was alternate supervisor of the Ph.D. thesis of T.N. French (University of Western Australia). Alan was always very keen on discussing ideas with colleagues sharing his interests, ready to contribute highly innovative ideas in several research areas. He co-operated with many distinguished researchers all over the world, including C.G. Jockusch, J. Krajicek, A. Maciel, J.B. Paris, P. Pudlak, T. Pitassi, A. Wilkie and others, publishing papers that attracted hundreds of citations. He was an amateur radio enthusiast. He served as President and committee member of the Western Australia VHF Group and was highly regarded for his technical knowledge. He was also an enthusiastic walker, especially enjoying long Sunday walks on Perth’s beaches. Alan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2006 and died at his home in Mt. Claremont (Western Australia) in mid-December 2011. He was survived by his son Robert and his daughter Sarah. 

Ellina Majid (Law and Social Anthropology, SOAS) is married to Azizuddin bin Tun Tan Sri Dato' Abdul Hamid bin Haji Omar (Federal Court Judge). They have 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls.

40. Dr Syed Mohamed bin Syed Alwi al-Hady (1921-2005)

Dr Syed Mohamed bin Alwi al-Hady (1921-2005)
MBBS 1950 UM in Singapore

Date of birth: 7 July 1921
Place of birth: 431 Jelutong Road, Penang (parent's house)
Place where he was raised: 410 Jelutong Road, Penang (by his grandfather, Syed Shaykh Alhady)
Date of death: 2005
Place of death: PJ (?)

Grandfather's name: Syed Shaikh Alhady
Father's name: Syed Alwi Alhady
Wife: Ruby bt Abdullah  (according to Coco & Dr SMA al-Hady's write-up)
Residence: Moved from Penang to Petaling Jaya
Children: 3 - one daughter and 2 sons but one son died of cancer:
1. Prof. Sharifah Fareeda al-Hady (eldest) - formerly Assoc Prof of Pathology and Dy Dean Faculty of Medicine, UM
2. Syed Farid al-Hady - died of cancer of lymph nodes at age 16 in 1973
3. Syed Faisal al-Hady - mechanical engineer; formerly engineer with Esso; quit Esso; ran own petroleum-servicing company

Author's notes:

He lived in a double-storey brick house at Lengkok Pemancar near the Esso petrol station in Jalan Gelugor (Gelugor Rd; now Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah), Penang in the early 1960s.

His house viewed from the main road
Entrance to his former house
Lengkok Pemancar adjoins Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

The family then moved to Petaling Jaya in a house they bought, close to Tan Sri Ahmad Din's. According to Tan Sri Dr Din's sons, Dr Syed Mohamed Alwi al-Hady, wife Ruby and son Syed Farid al-Hady have passed away. A researcher Sellene mentioned Dr SM Alwi al-Hady had passed away in 2005. Tan Sri Abdul Majid (Coco) mentioned al-Hady's daughter Prof Sharifah Fareeda al-Hady was at UM (but she had already left UM in 2007).

An Internet search gave details of his daughter. His daughter Dr Farida Alhady had served at the UM Medical Faculty. She then left UM and worked at the Ministry of Health (MoH) as Director of MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency) but she resigned and is lost to follow-up.

13 May 2012: Prof Datin Dr Farida Jamal (@ Fatimah Jamal) informed she knows Prof Sharifah Fareeda Alhady and will inform her. Prof Datin Dr Farida Jamal said Dr SMA al-Hady's photo should be with the Royal Society.

14 May 2012: Datuk Dr Zulkifli bin C.D. Ismail informed he recently met al-Hady's son. He will inform him to contact me.

26 April 2013: Syed Alwi Aidid (Singapore) updated and informed to find more information in a published book: The Real Cry of Syed Shaykh al-Hady.

I Googled the book title and got this info:

The book sells for RM600 on the Internet but I saw it on sale for RM300 by Penerbit USM at a seminar on Kesultanan Melayu Melaka held at USM, Penang. It sells for Sing$88 on Select Books.

The real cry of Syed Shaykh al-Hady : with selections of his writings by his son Syed Alwi Al-Hady

Author:Alijah GordonAlwi bin Alhady
Publisher:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Malaysian Sociological Research Institute, 1999.
Edition/Format:  Book : Biography : EnglishView all editions and formats

21 May 2013: I borrowed the book from Perpustakaan Hamzah Sendut (PHS) in USM, Penang via Interlibrary Loan.

Dr Syed Mohamed Alwi al-Hady wrote about his life with his grandfather on pages 83-108. There are many family photos in the book.

41. Dr Abu Bakar bin Ibrahim (1918-1979)

Dr Abu Bakar bin Ibrahim (1918-1979)
MBBS 1950 UM

Date of birth: 1918
Place of birth: Sungei Petani, Kedah
Date of death: October 1979
Place of death: Kuala Lumpur

King's Birthday Honours for 505

Inche CM Hashim, Penang - Panglima Setia Mahkota
Syed Hassan Aidid, Penang - Johan Mangku Negara
Dr Abu Bakar bin Ibrahim, KL - Johan Setia Mahkota
Dr Ibrahim bin Haji Mohamed Yassin, Ipoh  - Johan Setia Mahkota
Syed Kabeer bin Syed Ahmad, Penang - Ahli Mangku Negara

42. Dr Syed Mahmood bin Syed Hussain Jamalullail (1921-2011)

Dr Syed Mahmood bin Syed Hussain Jamalullail (1921-2011)
MBBS 1951 UM (S'pore)

Date of birth: 29 September 1921
Place of birth: Arau, Perlis
Date of demise: 30 November 2011
Place of demise:Pantai Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Place of burial: Makam Diraja Lama in Arau, Perlis
Date of burial: 1 December 2011

Dr Syed Mahmood SHJ had married to Dr Paduka Ruby Majeed in 1956. They have 3 children - 2 sons and a daughter. He passed away at age 90. He left behind 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Work and contributions:
  1. Worked as a medical doctor for Hong Kong during WWII
  2. Worked at the Star Ferry Pier in Hong Kong (refer Natalie Pang's article on the Star Ferry Pier)
... disappearing sites in such contexts, for example the demolition of the Star Ferry Pier due to land reclamation projects in Hong Kong – also a former British colony like Singapore. At midnight of November 11, 2006, myriads of people gathered at the Star Ferry terminal to witness the last ferry service and the final toll of the iconic clock tower, taking photographs and videos which were later uploaded on online image-sharing sites such as Youtube and Flickr (Grace, 2007). Helen Grace (2007: 468) further argues that the local activism against the destruction of the Star Ferry pier - Natalie Pang

External links:
  1. Industrial railroad to digital memory routes: remembering the last railway in Singapore. Natalie Pang. pages 2-3. Media, Culture & Society.
  2. Maharum Bugis Syah:
  3. Family tree:

43. Dr Carleel Merican (1922-2003)

Dr Carleel Merican (1922-2003)

MBBS 1952 UM Singapore

Date of birth: 22 January 1922

Place of birth: At home in Penang

Date of death: 24 March 2003

Place of death: -

44. Dr Mohamed Noor bin Marahakim (1923-1998)

Dr Mohamed Noor bin Marahakim (1923-1998)
MBBS 1953 UM Singapore
Date of birth: 15 March 1923
Place of birth: Kuala Lumpur
Date of death: 7 March 1998
Place of death: Kuala Lumpur

45. Dr Ruby Abdul Majeed (1924-2013)

Dr Ruby Abdul Majeed 
MBBS 1959 U. of Adelaide

Date of birth: 6 November 1924
Place of birth: Kuala Lumpur

Medical studies in Australia: - malay girl doctor
Malay Girl Here To Become Doctor. (1948, April 13). The Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950), p. 6 Edition: HOME. Retrieved September 6, 2012, from

Private practice: Clinic Drs Syed Mahmood & Ruby Majeed

46. Dr Ezanee Merican (1929-2001)

Dr Ezanee Merican (1929-2001) 
Medical degree: MBBS 1956 UM S'pore
Date of birth: 17 April 1929 
Place of birth: Penang 
Date of death: 1 July 2000 
Place of death: At home in Kuala Lumpur
Place of burial: Sg Buloh (near Pondok K'seena)

47. Dr Mohammad Noor bin Nordin (1929-1994)

Dr Mohammad Noor bin Nordin (1929-1994)
Qualifications (provided by his children, updated 24 April 2018):

  1. MD Hom circa 1958-1960. (MD Hom stands for Medical Degree in Homeopathy. He obtained this degree circa 1958-1960.)
  2. PhD Hom circa late 1960s. (He received his PhD Hom circa late 1960s. He obtained his PhD from The World Order of Human Merit, Europe, for his contribution to Homeopathic Asia, based in Singapore. He was recommended by Dr Edward Heyzier.)
  3. Hon. PhD Hom circa early 1980s. (He also received an Honorary Doctorate in Homeopathy from UKM in early 1980s.)

Date of birth: 6 January 1929
Place of birth: Muar, Johor
Date of death: 3 December 1994
Place of demise: Melaka
Burial: Tanah Perkuburan Bukit Gedong, Tanjung Keling in Melaka