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Penang - Past and Present 1786-1963

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Buku yang dimohon seperti berikut telah diproses.

Title: Penang past and present, 1786-1963 : a historical account of the City of George Town since 1786
Call No: DS598.P39 P397
Publisher: City Council of George Town, Penang, 1966.
Accession: 00000162414

Penang Past and Present 1786-1963. A Historical account of the city of George Town since 1786. Published by the City Council of George Town, Penang. 1966.

Just an old book...

This 1966 book contains the 177-year history of Penang from 1786 to 1963. This period covers 3 phases - (i) 70 years before the British under Francis Light acquired Penang, (ii) 101-year colonial rule by the British  and (iii) 6 years post-Merdeka. There are important photos and dates which can be added to the Milestones of TEMD. The book that I received is an old photocopied version and the photos are not clear.

Useful information, landmarks & pics:

Ayer Itam Dam - Plaque at the Ayer Itam Dam

Plaque at the Ayer Itam Dam, Penang. This dam was constructed in 1958-1962.

Pengkalan Tun Uda (P.P.C. Ferry Terminal) - Gateway to the City
P.P.C. = Penang Port Commission

Pengkalan Tun Uda (P.P.C. Ferry Terminal)
With my family at Pengkalan Raja Tun Uda, circa 1960s. I'm the little girl at left facing the camera.

Chapter IX - Reconstruction of The Broken Past
- has Dr K. Mohd Ariff listed among the names

Unveiling of the Statue of Captain Francis Light, 1939
- from the collection of Captain Mohd Nor bin Mohamed, PJK, ED, JP

A black statue of Francis Light unveiled in Penang
Statue of Sir Francis Light in Penang. Photo by Penang Museum

Trade depression, 1922
Author's note:
According to Kamaruddin bin Captain Md Nor, Dr Che Lah’s grandfather, Shaik Ahmad was from Hyderabad near Darjeeling, Deccan in India. In 1800s, Shaik Ahmad came to Malaya with the British Army. Shaik Ahmad was either a dhobi or tailor in the British Army. In Malaya, Shaik Ahmad married Puan Hajar of Butterworth and they had six children (three sons and three daughters) – Hamidah Bee, Jan Bee, Mohd Joonos, Mohd Ali, Mariam and Captain Md Nor. Captain Md Nor bin Shaik Ahmad has sons named Kamarudin and Samsudin, by his third wife. A contributor to this research mentioned that there was possibly another man in Penang who was also named Captain Md Nor. This remains unresolved at the time of writing.
Source: The Early Malay Doctors: Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos. 3 April 2012, 11:54:40 PM, 22nd draft     

page 72
Illicit manufacture of ice-cream was a source of typhoid in 1940, and ice-cream was confiscated. Ice-cream was stamped out in 1948.

Latest census (1957)
Malays 26,757
Chinese 171,245
Indians 32,029
Others 4,872
Total: 234,903

page 71
Census of 1931 during Dr Glass' period:


Dr GW Park
- organised a Health Dept (undated)
- opened a Maternity Hospital in 1915
- retired in 1917

Dr Rose
- succeeded Dr GW Park till 1927 
- died in 1927
- dealt with epidemics of 1918-19 (after WWI)

- the aftermath of WWI was influenza, smallpox and plague
- first case of influenza in July 1918 & another in Oct 1918 (3 mo apart, same year)
- others: bubonic plague, smallpox and malaria

Chapter VII - The Problem of Health

Mr W Peel
- WWI Municipal President, 1913

page 57
Modes of transportation
private carriage - most numerous in 1906, last registered 1954
Hackney carriage - nil of note
gharry - used for various periods beginning 1895-1917; 1920; 1931; 1932; 1934; last used 1935

page 53
Electricity and the electric tram
- the Commissioners made the first journey on the electric tram on 23 December 1905

page 52
Kerr Stuart's Penang Steam Tramways Ltd
- was put up for sale by auction in May 1900 but there were no bidders
- its assets were then bought by the govt (not by the Municipality in 1901
- tram service was resumed but at a loss
- the govt gave notice to discontinue tram service in July 1903
- Author's note: Prof Kerr of the English Dept, University of Hong Kong, is looking for his relatives

Mr JW Hallifax
- came to be regarded as the town's guiding spirit
- was part of a 3-member Municipal Commission (other 2 were LH Clayton & AR Adams)

Mr LH Clayton
- he, JW Hallifax and AR Adams were part of a 3-member MC
- Mr Clayton left the Colony in June (1906?)
- Author's note: Muzium Kelantan is looking for a "Clayton" wrt 2 photo albums that were donated to the Kelantan Sultan after the 1914/15 annual flood after which he returned to England. The 2 albums are now with Muzium Kelantan.

Trams started in Penang in 1906

page 46
Electricity supply in Penang
- first electricity supply to Penang on 14 July 1904 (41 arc lamps in public streets, 15 private homes, supplied at night only)
- continuous electricity supply by 1 January 1905
- continuous electricity supply was channelled to 188 (Dec 1905) and 336 (Dec 1908) private users
- policy of replacement - issued in 1909 to replace oil lamps with electricity
- ceiling fans were first used in 1907 through 1924; and then 1925-1928 fans were ubiquitous (everywhere)
- punkah
- punkah puller ended 1925

Captain Mohd Nor bin Mohamed PJK, ED, JP
- President of Penang Historical Society
- Re-convened (1961)
- Re-organised (Nov 1961)
- Re-convened (Sept 1963)
- Committee 1964/1965
- Editorial Board (1963- 1965)
- Unveiling of the Statue of Captain Francis Light, 1939
- Author's note: There seems to be 2 people named Captain Mohd Nor who lived in Penang. One is related to me, the other is not. The Capt Mohd Nor that I know married 3 wives and had 15 children. The last 2 wives were sisters but he married them one after the other after the elder sister died (salin tikar). Capt Mohd Nor's son Kamaruddin (in PJ), I was told, has a large collection of old family photos.

Introduction by Captain Mohd Nor bin Mohamed

Tuan Haji Shamsuddin bin Mohd Joonos (bin Raboo), JP
- 1957 Committee

Malay School
- Map XVII (grid C5, D5, and E4)
- Malay School is in Jalan Kampong Melayo, Penang
- Jalan Kampong Melayo links 2 roads - Ayer Itam Road and Jalan Kampong Pisang
- the Agriculture Dept is also in the same road but nearer to Jalan Kampong Pisang
- Ayer Itam Road becomes Penang Hill Railway Road which leads to Penang Hill

Penang Free School (PFS)
- Map VII (grid A1, B1)
- The more recent PFS is in Green Lane. The older PFS was in George Town (it is now the Penang Museum).
- The road behind the Green Lane school ground is Free School Road (grid B1-4)

Old Penang Free School in George Town, before the more recent one was built in Green Lane (below).
PFS in Green Lane
PFS in Green Lane during heavy traffic

Penang Hill
- Map XVII (grid A1, B1-3)

With my siblings at Penang Hill ground station, early 1960s. I'm 2nd from right, facing the camera.

Penang Chinese Girls' High School 
- Map X (grid F5)
- Penang Chinese Girls' High School is in Gottlieb Road

St John Ambulance, PCGHS, 1980s. Tulip Che Lah is seated 4th from left.

Ludin's House (Kudin's house? Is Ludin, Kudin?)
- Map VIII (grid D4)

Marine Depot & Jetty
- Map VIII (grid E3-5)
- Marine Depot was in Calthrope Road (grid E3-4)
- Author's note: They had Akuarium Negara here once but that had closed down. It is now the TLD (Tentera Laut DiRaja) base in Penang.

With my family at Akuarium Negara, Penang, 1974/75. I'm 4th from right.

Malayan Teachers College (MTC)
- Map VIII (grid D3)
- MTC is in Glugor Road (now renamed Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah)
- MTC is sited on Coombe Hill. MTC is still there. 
- Author's note: RECSAM is also there.

Radio Malaya Transmission Station
- Map VIII (grid E2) 
Photo  from Penang Museum
Photo from Penang Museum

Telecoms Transmission Station
- Map VIII (grid E2) 

Dr Che Lah's bungalows
- Map VIII (grid E2-3, F2)
- his 2 bungalows would in this area on the side of the 2 transmission towers
- his first bungalow is in Glugor Road (house is still there)
- his second bungalow (demolished around 1976) would be in Jalan Buah Manggis, with a large rambutan farm between this road and Jalan Rambutan 

At Dr Che Lah's first bungalow in Glugor Road, 1962/63. I'm standing at right most.
Dr Che Lah's second bungalow near the rambutan plantation in Glugor, later demolished after 1976

Kampong Dodol
- Map VII (grid A5)
- the mosque in grid 4A is Masjid Wanchee Ariffin
- Kampong Dodol is in Perak Road (now Jalan Perak) 

Masjid Wanchee Ariffin
- Map VII (grid 4A)
- Masjid Wanchee Ariffin is in Jalan Perak in Kampong Dodol 

Masjid Haji Hashim Yahaya
- Map VI (grid 4G)
- Masjid Haji Hashim Yahaya is in Jalan Perak and is surrounded by a large Muslim burial ground, roughly broken into 3 sections - the largest section has the Pejabat Pengurusan Perkuburan and Makam Dato' Keramat. The other 2 sections are across the road from the mosque and are divided into 2 by a small lane. 

Masjid Haji Hashim Yahaya, Jalan Perak, Penang

Methodist Boys' School (MBS)
- Map VI (grid F1)
- MBS is in Ayer Itam Road. The MBS was previously the Anglo-Chinese School, Penang (ACSP).
- Author's note: Among those who attended the ACSP were Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos and Tok Chu.

MBS from my car window

Penang General Hospital
- Map VI (grid D3)
- Penang GH is bordered by Hospital Road, Residency Road, Western Road and Gaol Road 
Penang GH with cenotaph in the parking lot between Block A (the big building) and the director's complex  (pink building, not shown in this pic)
Nurses Quarters
- Map VI (grid C3, D3)
- Nurses Quarters bldg is bordered by Residency Road, Hospital Road, Tull Road and Barrack Road 

Nurses Hostel
- Map VI (grid C3)
- Nurses Hostel is in Residency Road and across the road from Penang GH. It is near the Maternity Hospital.

Nurses Hostel, Penang

St Georges Girls' School (SGGS)
- Map VI (grid B2)
- SGGS is in Macalister Road and nearest Residency Road Girls' School and the Maternity Hospital 

Residency Road Girls' School (RRGS)
- Map VI (grid B3, C3)
- RRGS is in Residency Road and nearest the Maternity Hospital and Nurses Hostel 

Residency Road Girls' School, Penang

Maternity Hospital, Penang

Signboard to the Nursing College, Penang (the college is straight ahead down the road)

Polo Grounds 
- Map VI (grid C1-2, D1-2)
- Polo Grounds is bordered by Sepoy Lines Road on 2 sides, Western Road and Residency Road 

Padang Polo, Penang
The Residency
- Map VI (grid D1-2)
- The Residency is the residence of the head of state or Penang Governors
- The Residence is in Western Road

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