Monday, 3 September 2012

Hong Hong Factory biscuits

Biscuits were here before I was born. Even when the early Malay doctors were students, they too survived on biscuits in Singapore. Our medical students today also survive on biscuits and Milo for a quick breakfast before they rush off to morning lectures. The other food that today's medical students eat is Maggi! They say that they don't have time and all they have time for is to make Maggi and slurp and rush off. I will take up biscuits in this post.

There were a few biscuit manufacturers in Singapore between 1900 and 1957. The famous ones are:

  1. Thye Hong Biscuit Factory. It was started by Lee Gee Chong in 1935.
  2. Ho Ho Biscuit Factory Limited.
  3. Khong Guan Biscuit Company. It was started by two brothers Chew Choo Keng (elder brother) and Chew Choo Han (younger brother). Re-opened in the post-war in 1947 by the 2 brothers. and

In a book written by Dr Abdul Wahab bin Mohd Ariff (Medical Students During the Japanese Invasion of
Singapore, 1941-1942), he wrote that he had gone out to buy Hong Hong Factory biscuits one evening in 1941-42 with S. M. A. Alhady before the Battle of Singapore.

There is no update on Hong Hong Factory biscuits or Hong Kong Factory biscuits. The correct spelling is unknown.