Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Main Puteri (playing princess)

This is a popular trance that Kelantan mothers often choose to participate in at some point in the post-partum phase, soon after delivery while still in the hospital ward. The mother enters into a trance, believing that she is a princess and behaves as one. She actually yearns for attention. As such she enjoys being in centre stage for awhile, enthralled with all the bright light and loud percussion. She speaks to a medium. The medium sings anything, can be flattering her as a princess. Music is from an ensemble of gongs, cymbals, and drums, sounding much like a Buddhist ritual. Usually doctors will allow their patients to participate in Main Puteri, either in an unused section of the ward or outside the ward. But patient safety needs to be taken care of, as Main Puteri is performed a day or two post delivery where the mother is still bleeding profusely and she may not be aware that danger surrounds her all the time whilst still undergoing post-partum convalescence.

Main Puteri

Interlude: Malay songs

Here is a favourite Malay song which is played in almost all flights operated by the Malaysian Airlines Systems (MAS). It invokes the spirit of a lovely country called Malaysia. I hope that you will like this song and other similar songs that Malaysians hold close to their hearts. I grew up listening to these songs, I danced to these songs, I choreographed for songs of this type for many organisations overseas. They have a very good effect on the heart. These songs reduce anxiety, keep the heart strong and happy and maybe too, add to longevity.