Sunday, 27 January 2013

Technical Note: Spotflux

Spotflux is a program that gets rid of ads, viruses, cookies, etc which would otherwise overload browsing, thus slowing down what you wish to see on your computer. With Spotflux, you should be able to browse the Internet a bit more freely, rapidly or smoothly. I have tried Spotflux tonight and it works fast and fine.

VPN is Virtual Private Network. Usually hospitals are given VPN for communicating between hospitals and health centres. Patient data are also sent via VPN so they travel without data loss. For those without VPN, Spotflux should do just the same.


Technical Note: How to create a 3D book icon

This post gives the link to a tutorial for how to create a 3D vector book icon. I have not tried it yet. One of my books in the header (Biography of the Early Malay Doctors, image at top right and below) was probably created in this way. Vector programs give clear icons, whether big or small. The image re-sizing function will not affect image quality.

There are other programs which can be used to create 3D objects such as Aldus Freehand and Photoshop. These are "heavy" programs and too much hassle for the average person to use occasionally. They are however, a "must have" and "must know" for those who wish to become professional icon designers or graphic artists. Will be good as a hobby too.

GoMediaZine - How to create a 3D vector book icon

Vector Tutor Plus - How to create a 3D vector book icon

Photoshop - How to create a 3D book icon

2D cover image
3D book icon (PNG) - book lying flat
3D book icon (PNG) - book in upright position

Technical Note: VideoJoiner

I have only downloaded and installed VideoJoiner. I haven't tried it yet. It looks simple enough.

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Download VideoJoiner (19 hours)