Saturday, 19 February 2011

Melayu Cape di Afrika Selatan

Title (Judul): Melayu Cape di Afrika Selatan
Authors (Penulis): Wan Hashim Wan Teh, Hanapi Dollah
Publisher (Penerbit): DBP
ISBN: 9789834603120
Year Published (Tahun Terbitan): 2010
Language: Malay (Bahasa Melayu)


Why did the Malays travel westward? To where?
Did they get to their destination? Why? What happened?
How did the Malays get to South Africa? Why the Cape?
When did this westward travel begin?

The 16th generation of Cape Malays live in South Africa today.
How can we tell that they are descended from the Malays in Tanah Melayu?
Can they speak Malay?

Answer: Do genetic studies. They can recognise the curry puffs (karipap) but they cannot speak Malay.

What does the "karipap" look like? Please visit Sri Talamaz - it was featured on TV3.