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Research on the Early Malay Doctors

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Author: Faridah Abdul Rashid
Published date: 18 July 2012

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This book tells how research was done for The Early Malay DoctorsA detailed account of the meaning of the word ‘Malay’ is given, in due recognition of the high status accorded to Malay Civilisation in the Malay annals and Chinese chronicles. The lives of the early Malay doctors were traced over nine years in modern Malaysia and Singapore. The techniques deployed to trace them are also masterfully explained. The sources of the doctors’ biographies are aptly described, which include interviews, narratives, family accounts, newspapers, publications, and contacting their former institutions, friends and associations. Apart from a brief one-page biography for each doctor, there are thirty appendices that contain tabulated information about these doctors, information about the early schools, medical institutions and hospitals at the time. A glossary and a list of index appear at the end. This book is a good resource for researching about how to research on The Early Malay Doctors. It indirectly teaches strategies and techniques which researchers may otherwise overlook.

Copyright (C) 2012 Faridah Abdul Rashid
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ISBN 13: Softcover:   978-1-4691-7243-9
ISBN 13: Hardcover: 978-1-4691-7244-6
ISBN 13: eBook:       978-1-4691-7245-3

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