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Lagu Irama Melayu

I grew up listening to these songs, danced to these songs, and choreographed for songs of this type for many organisations overseas. They have a very good effect on the heart. These songs reduce anxiety, keep the heart strong and happy and maybe too, add to longevity. I'm only listing them here so you can listen to the songs on YouTube. Most Malay songs are copyrighted and therefore I can't make them available on my webpages.

Makan Sirih (chew betel leaves)

This is a favourite Malay song which is played in almost all flights operated by the Malaysian Airlines Systems (MAS). It invokes the spirit of a lovely country called Malaysia. I hope that you will like this song and other similar songs that Malaysians hold close to their hearts. 

Keroncong Johor

Sudirman - Jali-Jali
Si Jali-Jali. Lyrics: ...palinglah nakal si isteri baru tuan, masuk ke bilik (2x) minta digendung!

Sudirman - Salam Terakhir (last farewell)

Datuk Sharifah Aini - Sirih Pinang (areca nut)

Datuk SM Salim - Pantun Budi (with Zapin beat)

Tari Tualang Tiga (from the old Malay film, Semerah Padi)

Norazniza Idris - Awallah Dondang

Sudirman - Joget Kenangan Manis

Saloma - Kain Songket

Yiruma - Kiss The Rain

Food For Thought blog by Lau Tai Onn

Angry Bird ringtone

Anak Melayu


Be Mine (Malay) - song embedded in Cerita Citra Awliya blog

Be Mine (Lyrics) - Tasha Mashahar