Sunday, 14 December 2014

Book: Pages From My Past

"Pages From My Past" by Kamaruddin Abdullah (2013; second printing 2014)
Published by Kalsom Taib Publishing, Kuala Lumpur (
304 pages
Coloured covers and spine
ISBN-13: 978-967-585-901-4
ISBN-10:        967-585-901-6

Book launch: 24 November 2013
Price: RM50 per copy
Available from major bookstores

I received a copy of this book from the author. It arrived at my office in December 2014. He also runs a blog at, from where a selection of the stories for the book was taken. Additionally, there are B/W photos and his own B/W and coloured sketches in the book.

The language is simple and the equivalent words in Muar's dialect are clearly explained.

The glossary helps to understand Muar's dialect - for example, pawancak (new Malay spelling) or pawanchak (old Malay spelling) for private taxi. Another one is kacra (flirt).

I like the layout very much. No where have I seen a book like this - nicely made for the curious reader. The book has a good smooth feel when held in the hands.