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Queen's Scholarship


There are 2 types of scholarships at different times: The Queen's Scholarship and the President's Scholarship.

The Straits Times, 16 November 1948, Page 4
Queen's scholars since 1885.

The Straits Times, 12 July 1980, Page 1
History of the President's scholarship

  • History of the President's scholarship [Articles]
    History of the President's scholarship THE Presidents scholarship is today's equivalent of the Queen's and State's scholarships which were stopped in 1965. In 1959, Mr Vong Nyuk Lin, the then Minister for Education, explained that the Queen's scholarships and Queen's Research Fellowships were discontinued in view of the changed constitutional  (380 words)
  • QUEEN'S SCHOLARS SINCE 1885 [Articles]
    QUEEN'S SCHOLARS SINCE 1885 A PAPER entitled "Th« Queen's Scholarships of Malaya 1885-1948" written by Dr. Wu Lien Teh and Dr. Ng Tok Ting, was read at a meeting at Raffles College, Singapore, last night by Dr Wu Lien Teh. The President of the Raffles College Union, Mr. 8. Thiruchelvam,  (622 words)
  • The Queen's Scholars Since 1885 In Malaya [Articles]
    The Queen's Scholars Since 1885 In Malaya We give m this page today extracts from the paper by Dr. Wu Lien Teh and Dr. Ng Yok Hing on "The Queen's Scholarships of Malaya 1885-1948" which was read by Dr. Wu Lien Teh at a meeting of students of Raffles College  (1816 words)
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  • The Whiz Kids of Yesteryear [Articles]
    The Whiz Kids of Yesteryear BAILYNE SUNG By ARE THEY MAKING AS GREAT AN IMPACT IN THEIR FIELD OF WORK AS THEY ONCE DID AS STUDENTS? THERE pxlsts ln Singapore a small exclusive group of people who are the Al scorers, the star performers In national examinations. They are the  (1198 words)
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  • Are our most brilliant mem selected for training'? [Articles + Illustrations]
    Are our most brilliant mem selected for training Are mrholmruhip* being awarded f the tmomt U&muU* mm! de«erW»g> The t>— deney, umjm the •■thor ot thin article. has been to confine scholarship* and fellowships to a small circle of lucky Government servants and university graduates. The result is that promiwing  (1105 words)
  • Dr. Lim Boon Keng. [Articles]
    Dr. Lim Boon Keng. Cordial Tributes in Legislative Council. j Tributes to (he work of Dr. Lim Boon Keng, O. B. E., who has left the colony and resigned from the Legislative Council 'on taking up the presidency of the Amoy University, were made at the meeting of the Legislative  (1059 words)
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    RAFFLES INSTITUTION THE distribution of the prizes took place on Tuesday afternoon, Lady Weld and Miss Weld, the Hon'ble J. F. Dickson, the lion'ble Mr. and Mrs. Shelford, Archdeacon Meredith, the Rev. V. H. Gomes, B. I)., and many others being present. In the Boys School, the Principal commenced the  (2912 words)
  • A CENTURY OF EDUCATION IN SINGAPORE [Articles + Illustrations]
    A CENTURY OF EDUCATION IN SINGAPORE H. R. CHEESEMAN BY Raffles The Pioneer Institution, Girls' School And College The Nucleus Of A University? ENGLISH, CHINESE, INDIAN AND MALAY EDUCATION (Inspector of Schools, Singapore and Labuan.) AS far as can be ascertained 100 years ago there existed m Singapore a number  (2967 words)
  • Colony Education From The Days Of Raffles. [Articles]
    Colony Education From The Days Of Raffles. ADVANTAGES REALISED BY ALL COMMUNITIES. The Nucleus Of A Future University. It will come as a surprise to many *o learn how deeply rooted is the educational system of the Colony but in a most interesting preface to the report on education in  (8623 words)
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  • Untitled [Articles + Illustrations]
    may have or that may be established through head offices at home). Much remains unsaid concerning the early European pioneers, but we must go on, however great a part they have played and however likable and brave and enterprising they prere. Chinese Pioneers. Equally important and immeasurably richer m detail  (13257 words)
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I have had to interview many people for my book, The Early Malay Doctors (TEMD). I was curious as to whether to conduct interviews in English or Malay. Considering Malaysians speak both Malay and English, I was prepared for both languages. 

Singapore was a totally different experience, quite unexpected. I have only had exposure to 3 Singaporeans and got 3 very contrasting language experiences. The first experience was with my Singapore neighbours - we spoke English to arwah Pakcik Hassan and KL Malay to Makcik Salmah, and English+KL Malay to their daughter, Rahila. From that experience I gathered Singaporeans are ok and language didn't bother me at all. The second exposure was when Ashikin came to my university to demo EBSCO databases at a workshop held in the library. This time I could sense a different form of English and I wondered whether it was just Ashikin or the community she worked in etc. I came out from her workshop dazed by a new form of English, a new sound of English. The third exposure was when I actually talked to a Singapore-born male. It was at this third encounter that I became fully aware that Singaporeans do not speak the international form of English but a different English that reflects Chinese lingo in their talk or speech pattern. I never fully understood what the word Singlish meant till the third exposure. Singlish is a strange form of English - it is fast-paced, with clear diction, English words but the intonation is definitely Chinese! I am amazed that Singlish exists and I never knew!

Singlish is English spoken by Singaporeans, which sounds Chinese but is nevertheless, English. It is a distinct form of English and only Singaporeans speak this form of English, regardless of race. Malaysians cannot speak Singlish however hard they fake it. If you close your eyes and just listen to a local-born Singaporean speak English, that's Singlish - like Phua Chu Kang's spoken English. It is very different from British English, American English, Australian English and Malaysian English. A better name for it is Chinese English. The speaker may not be aware but outsiders can tell if it's English or Singlish. Now, I too can tell the difference.