Saturday, 17 December 2011

Who's Who

Information about the early Malay doctors can be found in 5 volumes of the Who's Who.

Who’s Who 
1.      Fisher, JS. 1925. Who’s Who in Malaya 1925.
2.      Fisher, JS. 1939. Who’s Who in Malaya 1939.
3.      Morais, JV. 1963. The Who’s Who 1963. Malaysia and Singapore.
4.      Morais, JV. 1965. The Who’s Who 1965. Malaysia and Singapore.
5.      Morais, JV. 1972. The Who’s Who 1971-1972. Malaysia and Singapore

The Who's Who collection should be available in major libraries and university libraries.

USM Library:
The Who's Who is available at USM library:
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Reference Counter, second floor,
USM Main Campus, Penang.

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