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Football Association of Malaya (FAM)

There are a few mentions of football in connection with the early Malay doctors - Dr Abbas, Dr SH Aljunied, and a few others.

In Malaya, Dr Abbas was the first doctor to be connected with football. In Singapore it was Dr SH Junied.

Football Association of Malaya (FAM) at Birch Road (now Jalan Maharajalela) in KL, December 1961. Photo from Kuala Lumpur Old Pictorial Thread at

Among Malaysia's top footballers are Mokhtar Dahari, Soh Chin Aun, R. Arumugam, Santokh Singh, James Wong, Hassan Sani, Isa Bakar, M. Chandran, Abdul Ghani Minhat, Syed Ahmad, Shaharudin Abdullah, Namat Abdullah, Zainal Abidin Hassan, Wong Choon Wah, Shukor Salleh, Ali Bakar, Edwin Dutton, Arthur Koh, Chow Chee Keong, Abdullah Yeop Nordin, N. Thanabalan, and others.

Brief biography of Mokhtar Dahari

Full name: Dato' Mohamad Mokhtar bin Dahari
Call names: Mokhtar Dahari, SuperMokh
Born: 13 November 1953, Kg Pandan, Kuala Lumpur
Deceased: 11 July 1991 (37 years)
Occupation: He worked as a clerk and played football.
  Football: Selangor team
  Jersey number: 10
  Position played: striker (penyerang)
  Retired in November 1978 and in October 1982
Wife: Datin Tengku Zarinah (Kelantan)
Children: 3

Mohd Mokhtar bin Dahari was popularly known Mokhtar Dahari, and is still remembered as SuperMokh. He was a Malay boy from Kg Pandan in Kuala Lumpur. His father was a lorry driver and his mother a housewife. He has a brother. As a little boy, Mokhtar enjoyed playing football after school. He was good at football. The boys played football at the field (padang) in their village (kampung).

Mokhtar played for Selangor. He never played for other states. He was a loyal Selangor footballer. His jersey was number 10. He was a fit footballer and his body was all muscles. He was highly muscular. He scored many goals for his home team and Malaysia.

Mokhtar married and had 3 children. His continued to work and play football. He suffered menisci problems in both knees and they were removed. He continued to play well. However, his football career came to an abrupt end. Mokhtar suffered from a degenerative disease. He suffered from motor neuron disease (MND), something unknown to the Malaysian football scene at the time. Mokhtar was confined to bed and got around in a wheelchair. He continued to coach while still in wheelchair. The family sought a second opinion in London. He performed the Hajj, then passed away. The nation lost its one and only greatest footballer of all times. There is no other striker like SuperMokh.

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