Thursday, 21 February 2013

Technical note: Malware

All Blogger websites are affected since 17 January 2013. Please ignore the header and footer banners. Please do not click on them or donate any money to the webpages in the header & footer. They are bogus. Blogger will remove them in due time.

Update from me, 22 Feb 2013:
Malware's gone now.

Update from Blogger, 23 Feb 2013:
They don't see the ads in this blog. So it must be my browser tools.

Update from me, 23 Feb 2013:
I removed the ads using Inspect Element but the ads came right back. So it must be a higher shell. I then removed 3 elements in  my top menu bar - I removed Funmood, Similar Sites and Dashlane from my Google Chrome browser. Will try and see if the ads are gone now.

Baby Adam Has Passed Away

Baby Adam suffered from HIE (hypoxic-ishaemic encephalopathy). He was cared for at home by his young parents. Follow his story in Facebook.

Today, I was informed by Anonymous that Baby Adam has passed away. Please follow his update in Facebook. I can't access Facebook at work so I can't write more about his passing.

Innalillah. Adam sudah meninggal.