Sunday, 5 August 2012

Technical Note - Topics Covered

I will now guide readers wrt the technicalities involved behind the scene for The Early Malay Doctors. It may be useful/useless for some. Some of you maybe able to cope/not be able to cope with the technicalities. Anyone can learn.

Here are some tentative topics which I plan to write about/explain:
  1. How to send large files (eg digital photos; single file vs archive or zip) - PowerPoint (PPT) 5Aug2012
  2. How to create compressed files.
  3. How to enhance photos for printing (eg checking and increasing image resolution).
  4. How to prepare a composite digital portrait from existing old photos - KIV
  5. How to touch up old photos (torn or missing bits) - KIV
  6. What to do with very small images - KIV
  7. How to capture individual faces from a group photo - KIV
  8. How to do a line-up of portraits for a person (facial profiling) and determine a person's age by approximation. - KIV
  9. How to prepare maps - KIV
  10. How to check what day it was for any given date.
  11. How to double-check a newspaper publication.