Sunday, 18 November 2012

Greater India


I feel we are more Indian today than before but our forefathers practised more Indian ways than they knew.

Today, young and old like to watch Indian movies, in particular, Hindi movies, even though the preference has shifted to Korean movies.

Today, we listen to more Indian songs and know a few more Indian words than 50 years ago.

Today, young men prefer the Indian way of dress, with hair made to stand using a hair cream made from coconut oil.

Today, with problems of hair fall from various life and work pressures, women have turned to olive oil (minyak zaitun) to rub olive oil into their scalps to reduce hair fall.

Today, we all prefer to eat nasi briyani as opposed to plain white rice.

We prefer brightly coloured clothers and bangles and decorations that make a sound (bells, beads, etc) as accessories.

We don't realise that maruku/meruku is an Indian delicacy and can be found at the time of Depavali. There is gulap jamun, vade, coconut candy, etc to name a few.

We may not realise it but we are becoming more and more Indian.

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