Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Obituary: Prof William R. Roff (1929-2013)

I received news today from Dr Lubis, of Prof. Roff's passing.

Professor William R. Roff (1929-2013)

Prof Roff was born in Scotland in 1929. He was Professor of History Emeritus at Columbia. He passed away on 3 May 2013. He was best known for his life-long study of Islam which he learned from the Malays. He was at sea for 6 years, 3 years with the British & Burmese Steam Navigation Co. Roff worked as a journalist with NZ broadcasting service & enrolled for university studies in NZ. He studied P/T at Victoria College, Wellington in 1952 and obtained his Bachelor's and Master's degrees. He then went to Australia before visiting the SEA countries. Various universities have published his writings.

Photos of Prof Roff at Hidayah Amin's blog

AHA website: In Memoriam - William R. Roff (1929-2013) - written by M Laffan, B Metcalf and U Sanyal 2013 

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