Friday, 27 July 2012

It's Friday!

Now is the planning stage...

One book is done. One book is at the final stage of copy-editing (proofreading)  maybe another 2 months.

I am now designing the bookmarks myself because nobody has offered to help with the designing. I'm selecting images to go with some text for the bookmarks. I love bookmarks so I will design a few so people will get to choose.

I am also looking at possible dates to do the official launch. I don't know what is a good time. Please suggest dates (use the comments at the right bottom of this post). I teach again in September as all universities begin at the same time. Maybe December 2012 is good? Maybe do it next year January 2013?

Where to do the launch? My husband said to do it in USM in Kelantan first, then USM in Penang and then do for KL. Singapore? Want to launch in Singapore or not? Can I hear from Singaporeans? I'm also planning for a launch in London and maybe one in California. If I have sponsors, then I will launch the overseas ones.

What I will do for the launch. I will speak about my 2 books for 15 minutes. That's all. Then I will sign for those who wish to purchase the book(s). I don't have any price tags for the books yet (tak tau kira lah). Funny thing is I don't even own a black pen! Hahaha....kena pergi cari satu pen hitam pulak or I borrow yours.

I need another printing company to print my bookmarks nicely. There is one in Penang (Sinaran Brothers S/B?). I saw a beautiful bookmark and kept it. It is from the Mathematics Dept in USM.

Food? My husband says only bihun and air teh-O. No access food. I was thinking of nasi briyani for everyone at the 3 launches in Malaysia. I love nasi briyani. Any sponsors?

Who can buy my books? Anyone. My husband said not to forget the schoolchildren who are in Form 6. They will be leaving school for good and need directions in life so my books are good for them too.

I haven't made any arrangement with any booksellers except one in Singapore. Universities can purchase direct from Xlibris. Please contact Xlibris directly (later because the other book is still not ready).

Which of the 2 books should you buy? The ones that says 'Biography of the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore'. But I like the other one 'Research on the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore'. My youngest daughter also liked the Research one (because it bears her name). She says the book is pretty.

My husband said to contact the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Ministry of Health (MOH), and Kementerian Warisan, etc. I don't have their numbers and contacts. Must check the web pages and get their details. I need a proper secretary so I can get some rest after 10 years of writing/typing. I am quite exhausted now.

Venue for launches - prefer universities or convention centres where parking is easy. No point holding functions where parking in difficult.

USM Kelantan - Dewan Utama

USM Penang - Dewan Budaya

KL area - UM/UKM/UPM nak sponsor tak?