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Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy's family and demise

Amir Burhanuddin bin Ungku Muhammad Noor was born on Monday, 28 August 1911  at Kampung Changkat Tualang in Mukim Kota Bharu, Gopeng, Perak, Federated Malay States (FMS). He was the first child born to Haji Muhammad Noor and Sharifah Zaharah  bt Habib Osman.

HIS FATHER, Haji Muhammad Noor, was a farmer and pious man from Batu Sangkar in the district of Tanah Datar, Minangkabau in Sumatra, Indonesia. He also belonged to the “Ungku” royal lineage of Sumatra. Haji Muhammad Noor studied under a religious leader from Makkah and Sheikh Mohamad Khatib Minangkabau. He was addressed as Abi Halim which referred to his kindness, soft-heartedness and calmness. Haji Muhammad Noor arrived in Perak in 1908. 

HIS MOTHER, Sharifah Zaharah bt Habib Osman, was from Melaka. She was a Peranakan of Malay and Indian Muslim mixed parentage.

Dr Amir Burhanuddin married to Che Suri bt Haji Yahya. [In Facebook, Haji Zul Tiger is trying to locate the family members through a Taiping group.]

Whilst in detention under the ISA, Dr Amir Burhanuddin fell ill. He was taken ill since being detained under the ISA. His illness was still not relieved when he was released from ISA in 1966. Dr (H) Amir Burhanuddin succumbed to asthma and passed away in Taiping, Perak on Saturday, 25 October 1969.   

According to Haji Zul Tiger, Dr Burhanuddin is interred at Masjid Lama Bandar Taiping (built in 1893). His wife is also interred at the same cemetery. [Haji Zul Tiger is trying to locate the wife's grave.]

(all photos by Haji Zul Tiger from his Facebook)

Haji Zul Tiger with a cat
Grave of Dr Burhanuddin in front of the green board (near camera/reader).
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