Thursday, 29 March 2012

Kelantan History (2)

This post is about Kelab Pencinta Sejarah Kelantan, which I discovered in Facebook today.

The text is written in Kelantan Malay but it is not too difficult to understand - you will get the hang of it, and in due time be able to understand. It not only covers history but there is coverage on Kelantan cuisine and interesting spots in, around and close to Kelantan. There is Bukit Bunga, Buketa and also Pattani Perintah Siam. A lot of old and new photos, some which I have never seen too. I like the elephant photos as they can't be found elsewhere on the Internet. There is Tok Kenali, Makam, WWII relics (kubu or pillboxes), Malay palaces and homes, old roads, paddy fields, floods (1926/27 and 1967), canons, soldiers, Tok Janggut after he was hanged to death, old Malay house turned into a wat Siam and archaeology digs at an ancient temple (kuil). A lot of stuff to help you reminisce in the old Malay charm. The stories are from the contributors' parents and grandparents. The stories are unique too and you can't get them from textbooks. Please visit Kelab Pencinta Sejarah Kelate.