Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Carcosa Seri Negara

The Carcosa Seri Negara comprises 2 buildings, the Carcosa - Frank Swettenham's residence and the Seri Negara, a Malay palace, also known as the King's House.

The Carcosa was built in 1896. It was the official residence of Frank Swettenham.

Frank Swettenham knew the Malay language. The Carcosa is said to have its name derived from the Arabic chapter of Surah Al-Kautsar of the Quran.

The late Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid (Coco) had served as an extra hand serving drinks here when he was a young schoolboy.

Seri Negara was built in 1913.

The Carcosa and the Seri Negara were combined and managed as one property in 1989.

Today, it is the most expensive luxury hotel, and rental suits are from RM1,043-RM1,210/night.

Foreign security guards stand at the entrance to Carcosa Seri Negara.

Foreign dignitaries put up here.

Many weddings of rich families are held here.

Photos by Faridah Abdul Rashid 9 September 2013

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Penang Mohamedan Advisory Board 1934

The Straits Times, 16 February 1934, Page 12

Members of the Penang Mohamedan Advisory Board 1934:

Mr AV Aston, MCS (Chairman)
Mr Hafiz Ghulam Sarwah, MCS (retired) (Vice-Chairman)
The Hon. Mr Mohd Rouse bin Chee
Syed Mohd bin Syed Hashim Alsagoff
Syed Mondar Idid bin Syed Hassan Idid
Mr PK Shakkarai Rowther
Haji Noh bin Haji Ahmad
Haji Hashim bin Haji Md Sakaff
Mr Md Sheriff bin Chanda
Che Hussain bin Abdul Halim
Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Kechil
Mr Hamid Khan
Haji Shamsudin Md Joonos
Mr MA Pitchay Gunny
Dr K Md Ariff bin Kader Mustan (Secretary)


Note: Malik Al-Habshi (tulisan Jawi in Facebook) has the original Mohammedan Handbook, and the names above are mentioned in the book.


Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar is the FIL of Dr Abdul Karim bin Nawab Din, an early dentist. Dr Abdul Karim is the father of Prof Wazir Jahan, formerly of USM and then UM.


Syed Mondar Idid bin Syed Hassan Idid. The spelling for Mondar is probably Mohdar or Mohdzar?


We are uncertain of the identity of Haji Shamsudin Md Joonos. He could be the half-brother of Dr MJ Che Lah. We are still working into this matter and finding evidence if Md Joonos had indeed married 2 ladies.


Dr Kamil Md Ariff bin Kader Mustan (Mastan) was knighted in 1956.