Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Malay History (4)

This post introduces a man named Daeng Andak Al Habrah who hails from Malacca. 

Daeng Andak Al Habrah is of Bugis descent and of noble rank. He has 7 names. [It should be noted that almost all Malays have 7 names.] Daeng Andak's interest in Bugis Ancestry and Influence in this region. It should be noted that the Bugis is the largest group of Malays who mastered not only the sea but they have a good system of civilisation, which we continue to use today within the Malay Sultanates in present-day Malaysia. If we get rid of the sultans then we lose our entire history. So in the eyes and mind of the author, we should try our best to think positive and objectively about retaining and reclaiming our Malay Heritage, and make our presence and ownership of the Malay Lands (Tanah Melayu) felt and respected. Even though waves of foreign migration come to our shores, we must try our best to retain our Malay Heritage. 

Daeng Andak Al Habrah is one brave man who called me to ask so I told him just that. And I thank him for calling.

Daeng Andak Al Habrah in Facebook