Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Singapore History (1)

This post introduces Istana Kampong Gelam in Singapore. The photos are from Facebook by Tengku Shawal Tengku Aziz, the great grandson of Sultan Hussain of Johor who once owned the palace, mosque and village in Singapore.

Facebook album of Tengku Shawal Tengku Aziz, great grandson of Sultan Hussain of Johor (Singapore)

There are other useful historical photos in Tengku Shawal's Facebook album:

(1) Makam Sultan Alauddin.

(2) There is also coverage of Istana Sayap, of Sultan Mahmud I of Malacca. The place is marsh-swampland, and a few pokok gelam can be seen - which means the area was cleared and burnt for making the istana (replica?). The interior shows a lovely ornate golden throne, unlike the thrones we commonly see in other palaces in Malaysia.

FYI, Istana Kampong Gelam now houses the Malay Heritage Centre of Singapore.