Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Maximum Reality

This blog has reached its maximum capacity - maximum # of pages, maximum # of photo uploads, etc. I cannot do much more beyond this free capacity that comes with Blogger. If I want to continue to upload photos, I will need to pay for server space, etc. What I can do now is remove some of the photos and also remove some of the posts.

Please download whatever info you need before I click DELETE, and check back here when you have time. I can create another blog like this but it will be too much work to maintain and update. I have altogether 37 blogs on Blogger.

This blog is more than 3 years old and now I can't grow it anymore. I will just maintain this blog for as long as it is useful and till I can get hold of the remaining early Malay doctors, wherever they are and wherever their families are today. I am still looking for 12 more early Malay doctors. I was able to contact one family 2 days back and am continuing to correspond - the family member contacted me through Facebook.

Since a major part of searching has been completed and I have published 2 books about the early Malay doctors, it is time for me to move on to do other things and help out with other research projects.

TQ all for your shared interest on the topic of THE EARLY MALAY DOCTORS.

Prof Faridah