Friday, 10 May 2013


Hospitals That Finance The Patients :

Sigrid Hunke, wrote in her book “ Allah's sun over the Occident” : “Bimaristans , gave a financial aids, out of their budgets, to every patient admitted to them whether they were Muslims or non-muslims. They were treated and then discharged into a recovery period . Bimaristans gave patients a monthly salary commensurate with their incomes before sickness.This financial aid lasted for six months, subject to increase, because the recovering patient could not go back to his usual job immediately after being discharged. And this kind of medical insurance haven’t been achieved by the most developed modern countries even in our present time. With the establishment of this Islamic civilization, that had all features to keep one’s dignity and safety, its people started to show pride in it whether from inside Islam or from outside it”.

**Source: Sigrid Hunke “Allah's sun over the Occident”.
Bimaristan (hospital as is called nowadays) is a Persian word made of;
Bimar: means sickness or disease, and -stan : (a suffix) means place or location. So bimaristan means: place of disease.

**This passage was originally quoted by Hiba Aljondi, for إبداعات حضارتنا

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