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23. Dr Syed Mahmood bin Abdul Rahman Alkuds

Dr Syed Mahmood bin Abdul Rahman Alkuds

Date of birth: 19 October 1912
Place of birth:
Date of demise: mid-1970s
Place of demise: Asia Dispensary, Batu Pahat, Johor
Place of burial:

From: Who’s Who in Malaysia 1971-1972

Portrait from Who's Who
Dr Syed Mahmood Al-Kudcy

L.M.S. (S’pore), DCH (Lond), P.I.S.
Born 19 Oct 1912
Married Aishah bt Abdullah, a Singapore Chinese nurse*
Children: 3 - Hasnah, Farida and Syed Zain*

Educated Batu Pahat High School and English College, Johore
In Johore Govt Service 1935-46
Resigned to do private practice

Member Batu Pahat Town Board 1948-54, and Town Council 1955
Member of Johore State Council 1949
Chairman Board of Governors, Sekolah Dato Bentara Luar, Batu Pahat and Sekolah Menengah Rendah I., Batu Pahat
Member of Board of Governors of High School, Batu Pahat
President, Johore State AAA and Batu Pahat District AAA

Recreation: Golf
Address: Asia Dispensary, 103, Jalan Sultanah, Batu Pahat, Johore
Telephone: 556 Batu Pahat

Dr Lim Ju Boo's father's hotel at the corner of Jalan Ismail and Jalan Sultanah, Batu Pahat. Johor. Photo by Dr Lim Ju Boo, 15 May 2012.
Landmarks in Batu Pahat, from left - hotel at the corner, blue doors of Asia Dispensary, and a money-changer's shop. Photo by Dr Lim Ju Boo, 15 May 2012.

Author's notes:
  1. Unable to locate family or members. Both Dr Syed Mahmood and his wife have passed away. His 3 children could not be located before the 2 books on The Early Malay Doctors were published in 2012.
  2. Searched for 'Kudcy' in Facebook, and managed to contact Raudhah Kudcy, a young female relative but she hardly knew him first-hand. She had heard about him from her aunt, who had helped him with his medical studies.
  3. Received information on Dr Syed Mahmood Al-Kudcy from Dr Lim Ju Boo who retired from IMR, KL in 1994. Dr Lim Ju Boo knows the family and 2 daughters from his childhood days. According to Dr Lim Ju Boo, Asia Dispensary premise is extant, but the clinic has ceased to function. Dr Lim Ju Boo photographed the Dispensary and its vicinity (3 photos).
  4. Two books were published about The Early Malay Doctors: the first on 17 July 2012 and the second on 21 November 2012. Both books contained little information about Dr Syed Mahmood AlKudcy.
  5. His daughter Farida Herzog AlKudcy (fherzog@streamyx.com) contacted me via OnePage on 17 December 2012 and offered to assist with her father's missing information.
  6. I looked at Sharifah Noor Azian Syed Ahmad's Facebook today, 28 May 2014. My colleague Sharifah Azian Syed Yassin (Vienna, Austria) told me that Sharifah Noor Azian is Tun Syed Ahmad's daughter. The other daughter uses the nickname Anaruz Ahmad in Facebook. 
  7. From Sharifah Noor Azian's Facebook, I saw Sharifah Raudhah AlQudsy's name (she was formerly Raudhah Kudcy in Facebook). I re-looked at Sharifah Raudhah AlQudsy's Facebook to see who she is. She was born in Johor and studied at RMIT in Melbourne. She started her own company when her son attended school. An article about her appears in the New Straits Times. She looks familiar.

Power of networking. by Rozana Sani. New Straits Times. 12 December 2011


Lim Ju Boo BSc, Postgrad Dip Nutrition, MSc, MD, PhD, FRSPH, FRSM said...

Dear Prof Faridah,

Thanks for the info on Dr Syed Mahmood. Dr Syed was my neighbor in Asia Dispensary in Batu Pahat when I was a young boy. He was a very known doctor in Batu Pahat. Next to his dispensary at the corner with Jalan Ismail was my father's hotel (upstairs) and below his coffee shop. The building is still there today but now defunct.

Dr Syed and his family stayed upstairs his dispensary, and I remember he had a very fair and beautiful daughter with whom we used to play peekaboo, eyes and smiles with each other over the open space upstairs. I think her name too was Faridah or something like that (but I can find this out from an optician a few shops away).

I heard that Dr Syed's Chinese wife went to Singapore to live there after her husband's death. I also heard she too has passed away.

If you go to his dispensary even today (May 2012) you can see lights upstairs his Asia dispensary, although the dispensary is no more. It looks like there is someone staying upstairs.

I can find out more as I go back to Batu Pahat often.

I am now retired from IMR, and now stays in Selangor.

Dr Lim Ju Boo

Faridah said...

Dear Dr Lim Ju Boo,

TQ for writing on Dr Syed Mahmood Al-Kudcy. Please continue to write about him and his family.

Prof Faridah