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26. Dr Abbas bin Haji Alias (1914-2004)

Dr Abbas bin Haji Alias (1914-2004)

Date of birth: 1914
Place of birth: Banting, Selangor
Date of demise: 2004
Place of demise: Petaling Jaya

Author's notes:
I managed to contact one of his daughters, Dr Siti Fathimah bt Datuk Dr Haji Abbas. She is in LinkedIn and Facebook. A few close friends wrote about him.

Dr Siti Fathimah bt Datuk Dr Haji Abbas 
Dr Abbas' daughter followed his footsteps and became a doctor. Dr Siti Fathimah bt Datuk Dr Haji Abbas was a Senior Consultant Radiologist with the Department of Diagnostic Imaging, General Hospital Melaka. She is now retired and continues to work in her post-retirement. She was conferred the Johan Setia Mahkota (JSM) federal award in 2008.

Source of Dr Abbas's biodata:
The Who's Who in Malaysia 1963 (available in USM main library in Penang)

The Who's Who in Malaysia 1963
Edited images for Dr Abbas's biography (also see separate post/Technical Note on this).
The photos came out alright but they are clearer in the ebook compared to printed books.
Most of the original photos were provided by his daughter Dr Siti Fathimah. The 1947 football image and his image at 80 were from Fadli Ghani. The other photos were from Arkib Negara Malaysia.
A collage of some of the photos in Dr Abbas's biography
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