Tuesday, 18 January 2011

24. Dr Amir Burhanuddin bin Ungku Muhammad Noor (1911-1969)

Dr (H) Amir Burhanuddin bin Ungku Muhammad Noor (1911-1969)
MD Hom 1936 IMC, India

Date of birth: 28 August 1911
Place of birth: Changkat Tualang, Perak
Date of death: 25 October 1969
Place of death: -
Place of burial: Tanah Perkuburan Masjid Lama Taiping, Perak

Father of Homeopathy in Malaya/Malaysia
Better known as "Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy"
Third President of PAS (1956-1969)

Author's notes:
His family lives in Perak (18 March 2011). Unable to obtain family contact.
No update from his colleagues, MPHM, PAS or the Malaysian public.
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Sellene said...

Dr Burhanuddin's wife, the last time I heard, was still living in Taiping. She's somehow related to a friend of my mother, and they always refer to her as Cik Suri.

She would be quite old and frail now. I know that students used to go and visit her to get information. I might check with my mother's friend to find out if she's still alive.

Faridah said...

TQ for your information on Cik Suri. Please provide her contact or address.