Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Temple of Fine Arts Malaysia @ Babington Avenue, Penang

What is special about Babington Avenue? It is special because more than 1,000 people viewed its location in Google maps. Dr Abdul Ghani's former house was at Babington Avenue. His house was sold to The Temple of Fine Arts. It is now the Annalakshmi Culinary Arts Centre which provides Indian vegetarian meals FOC. There are no bills to pay and diners donate as much as they wish. It only accepts donations. The menu consists of rice, capati, vegetarian dishes, vegetarian curry, mango lassi, teh tarik, and pulut hitam. These are cooked daily by volunteers.

Babington Avenue, Penang (map)

Annalakshmi, The Culinary Arts Centre - The Temple of Fine Arts
1, Babington Avenue, (Off Barrack Road/Jalan Berek)
10450 Penang.
Opening hours: Please call. Tel: 04-2288575.
Lunch buffet. Dinner a la carte.
Smoking is allowed.


Babington Avenue is now Lebuhraya Babington. Barrack Rd is at right. Barrack Rd is now Jalan Berek.
Driving down on Babington Avenue
Red signboard on the right says Annalakshmi. The white icons on red bkgr are an Indian temple and a burning candle.
The gate is left open
The big road leads to a single-storey bungalow after the lawn
This is the Indian vegetarian eatery. It is closed today. There was an Indian mother and her child waiting for pick-up. I waved to her but she didn't wave back.