Sunday, 17 February 2013

Writing From Kubang Kerian Again

I'm back at home now. I feel refreshed. The holiday has helped me to forget work (for the last 17 years).

I have a PBL (problem-based learning) clinical discussion group in 4 hours time; I haven't opened my envelope to read the materials meant for today's discussion. I will after I write this post.

 I have uploaded a lot of photos in my Facebook, so readers can go there for the pics. I have made these new photo albums from the recent Perth trip (opened to Facebook Friends):

  1. Perth 10-14 Feb 2013
  2. The University of Western Australia (UWA)
  3. Aunty Daisy
  4. OZ ABO Art & Health

I have moved these albums close to the recent albums (opened for Facebook Friends):
  1. Dr Che Lah
  2. Aunty Esther

I went to Perth for a lot of reasons. I will list them below for you.
  1. I wanted to meet my PhD supervisor to personally hand him my 2 books
  2. I wanted to hand over my 2 books to the Reid Library, and therefore become the first Malay woman to ever submit her own books to this great library
  3. I wanted to be a part of the UWA 100th anniversary celebrations, as I was there previously for its 75th anniversary
  4. I wanted to meet my aunt in Mandurah, whom I think still has good memory of her father, Dr Che Lah, as I could not write his biography correctly even though I am his granddaughter
  5. I wanted to seek a lady named Rahimah Taveira whom I believe is still in South Perth. She would be a good resource for the biography of her step-father, for my books
  6. I wanted to see the 2 mosques, Rivervale Mosque and Perth Mosque. These mosques would have played very important roles in the spread of Islam to WA
  7. I wanted to see the windmill at Mill Point, Como in South Perth. This would be part of Dutch history of WA
  8. I wanted to see fresh live tulips, so I remember my mother
  9. I wanted to meet Malay students who are studying in Perth and find out their situation
  10. I wanted to see Perth for myself, where my son Ibrahim was born. I never had the time to see Perth while I was doing my PhD - there was just no time then  
  11. I wanted to know if the Australian Aborigines are related to the Malaysian Orang Asli/Asal. I found out that there is an Australian Aboriginal tribe among the Noongar Aborigines who are called Minang. This raises the question whether the Indonesian & Malaysian Minangkabau people are related to the Australian Aboriginal Minang people in our history. There is also the word Goreng in the Noongar Aborigine language; it means fry/to fry/fried in the Malay language. "-up" means place of in the Aborigine language.
  12. I wanted to know more about the Afghan cameleers who opened routes to the Australian interior