Friday, 18 January 2013

Meet Muni

My former dorm & form mate Muni runs a travel and tours company. Muni is Wan Munirah bt Dato Wan Puteh, a Kuala Lumpur girl. Her company is Leisure & Incentive Tours Sdn Bhd, based in Malaysia. Muni started her company very early after we completed college at the famed Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC) in Seremban.

I penned my experiences in the leisuretoursmalaysia blogspot. - Muni

She blogs about her experiences first-hand and they reveal a lot of insights from a seasoned traveler who surely knows Malaysia inside out! Muni puts up a lot of very good photos of the places covered by her tour packages. You can't see these interesting and lovely photos anywhere else but on Muni's blogs and in her Facebook. Not many travel & tour operators can do this as expertly as Muni has.

I have certainly learnt a lot about the Malay people and their culture from Muni's blogs and Facebook. Please join me and visit Muni's blogs and Facebook. Get your family to try some of her tour packages, and get to know Malaysia better.

Contact Us:
Leisure & Incentive Tours Sdn Bhd
No 7C-2, 7th Floor, Wisma Pahlawan 
Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, Kuala Lumpur 
Tel 03-2260 2667 / 4667 
Fax 02-2260 5667 


I first heard about FELDA from a contributor for my books. He was arwah Aris bin Abdul Aziz from Muar in Johor, a nephew of Dr Hamzah bin Taib, an early Malay doctor. He told me about the founding of FELDA and mentioned a few names. Today I saw another name connected with the founding of FELDA (in one of the book links below).

There is another book about the FELDA smallholders. The book was distributed to them, which stirred controversy. Affandi saw the book ad at an office in KL today where our son Muhammad went for an interview. Affandi called me to inform of this book. I checked the Internet and got this information below. I've not seen the book yet. Have you?

Najib: rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan:
Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke-6

by Aizudin Mohamad Muaz
Published by Creative Learning Minds
ISBN 9789834454-7-7

External links:

What Raja are you?

Raja means ruler. Any Raja name means a royalty or person born of royal birth. But there is also a term called Raja Celup. I had thought it was a hybrid but I was wrong. Raja Celup means a person inappropriately using a Raja prefix in his/her name when he/she is not of royal birth. How then did people get to use the Raja prefix in their names when they are not supposed to?

I read this interesting web page and it should answer some of the doubts we have about dubious Raja names we see today.

I have summarised the Raja name prefix as follows:

  1. The Raja name prefix is inherited from the father to the sons (princes). The girls are Putri (princess).
  2. A Chinese cannot have a Raja name prefix. There is no such thing as Raja something for a Chinese male or female. A Chinese cannot inherit a Raja name prefix.
  3. There are Malay Raja names.
  4. There are Indian Raja names.
  5. There are no Chinese Raja names.
  6. A Raja name is likely a Malay, an Indian or an Indian descendant.
  7. A Raja name has Indian ascendants.
  8. Malay males have Raja name prefix while females have Putri name prefix.
  9. Indian males have Raja name prefix while females have Dewi name prefix.
  10. A Raja marries a Putri = the child is a Raja (son) or Putri (girl)
  11. A Raja marries a Tengku = the child is a Raja (son) or Tengku (girl)
  12. A Raja marries a Tunku = ?
  13. A Raja marries a Tun = ?
  14. A Raja marries an Engku = ?
  15. A Raja marries an Ungku = ?
  16. A Raja marries a commoner without a title = ?
  17. Nowadays, there are females with Raja names even though Raja is reserved for males
Some complex names are listed below:
  1. Ratna Dewi
  2. Ratna Wati Dewi
  3. Ratana Sri Dewi
  4. Seri Dewi Ratana
  5. Raja Ratna Dewi
  6. Raja Sri Dewi Ratna Sari
  7. Sari Dewi Ratna 
  8. Maha Rani 
  9. Maha Ratu Dewi Sri 
  10. Ratu Dewi
  11. Dewani
  12. Diwa