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The Real Cry of Syed Shaykh al-Hady

The Real Cry of Syed Shaykh al-Hady (abbreviated here as TRCoSSaH)

by Alijah Gordon, 1999
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From TRCoSSaH pages 69-70 footnote 2:
Syed Alwi al-Hady mentioned about his grandfather, Syed Ahmad and his great-grandfather, Syed Hasan.

Name of great-grandfather: Syed Hasan bin Saqaf al-Hady al-Ba'Alawi
Birthplace: Kg Hulu in Malacca
Children: ?
1. Syed Ahmad
2. Syed Muhammad

Name of grandfather: Syed Ahmad bin Hasan bin Saqaf al-Hady al-Ba'Alawi
Birthplace: Kg Hulu in Malacca
Date of birth: 1 Syawal 1253 Hijrah (29 December 1837)
Date of death: 15 Zulhijjah 1312 Hijrah (8 June 1895)
Grandfather's wives: 2?
Children: 7 children from 2 wives

Name of grandfather's first wife: Zulhijjah
Children of first wife:
1. Hasan     (1275-1290 H/ 1859-1873) - died aged 14 years
2. Noor      (1276 H / 1859) - died in infancy
3. Salmah   (1281-1288 H / 1865-1871) - died aged 6 years
4. Shaykh   (1284-1352 H / 1867-1934) - died aged 67 years (this is Syed Sheikh)
5. Fatimah  (1287 H / 1870) - died in infancy

Name of grandfather's second wife: _____?
Children of second wife:
1. Noor     (1309 H / 1891-1966) - died aged 75 years
2. Hussein (1312 H / 1895-1968) - died aged 73 years

Only his father Syed Shaykh, his father's half-sister Noor and half-brother Hussein survived to adulthood.

Syed Shaykh's uncle (younger brother of his father Syed Ahmad) is Syed Muhammad bin Hasan bin Saqaf al-Hady al-Ba'Alawi.

Name of Syed Shaykh's younger uncle: Syed Muhammad bin Hasan bin Saqaf al-Hady al-Ba'Alawi
Short name: Syed Muhammad al-Hady
Birthplace: Kg Hulu in Malacca
Date of birth: Rabi'ul akhir 1256 / June 1840
Date of death: Sabtu, 2 Zulhijjah 1334 H / Saturday, 30 September 1916
Place of death: Bandar Hilir in Malacca ... which house? Rumah 262 Banda Hilir?
Place of burial? Masjid Kg Hulu or Masjid Semabok?
Wife: Sharifah Hashimah bt Othman Alsagoff ... from Daeng Chelak (Bugis) family
Children: 8 ... all deceased before WWII (1941)
1. Saqaf
2. Hasan
3. Sharifah Sheikhun ... married to Syed Sheikh al-Hadi
4. 'Aishah
5. Fatmah
6. Maznah
7. 'Aloyah
8. Zeinab

Did any of the 8 children of Syed Muhammad marry?

Did Fatma marry? To whom? When? Who were her children?

By 1948, my grandfather appeared in a photo with his children and relatives but without his mother (Fatmah bt Muhammad) but her name is in her husband's Will (Wasiat Hj Mohd Sharif) of 1906. Hj Mohd Sharif died (probably) in 1912 after he wrote his Will in 1906. His father-in-law died shortly after in 1916.


From TRCoSSaH page 72 footnote 10:

Syed Shaykh married 3 wives:
1. Sharifah Sheikhun (his first cousin; eldest daughter of his uncle Syed Muhammad)
2. Singaporean wife (unnamed)
3. Sharifah Zainah (she had no children; she was from al-Mashhur family)
Children: 5 from 2 of 3 wives

Children of Sharifah Sheikhun: 4
1. Syed Alwi (born Pulau Penyengat 15 Muharram 1310 H / 8 August 1892) ... eldest; elder son
2. Ahmad (born 1314 H / 1896) ... second; younger son; died in infancy
3. Aishah (born 1315 H / 1897-1933)... elder girl, died in Penang in December 1933
4. Umhani (1316 H / 1898) ... youngest; younger girl, died in Penang in April 1931

Sharifah Sheikhun and her kids lived in Pulau Penyengat when Syed Shaykh married his Singaporean wife.

Child of second wife (Singapore): 1
1. Mariam (1321 H / 1903-1954) ... born in Telok Belanga, Singapore, died in Penang 5 June 1954

Children of third wife (Sharifah Zainah): 0
She had no children.

Sharifah Zainah al-Mashhur had no children but helped looked after Syed Shaykh's eldest grandson, Syed Mohamed bin Alwi al-Hady, a week after he was born at Syed Alwi's home, across the road from Syed Shaykh's house at 431 Jalan Jelutong, Penang. He became Datuk Dr Syed Mohamed bin Alwi al-Hady, an eminent surgeon in Penang, KL, Malaya and Malaysia.

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