Tuesday, 10 July 2012

John Locke

This is about John Locke, the author who sold more than a million kindle downloads in 5 months. He's #8 on the Best-Selling Author list. I have not read any of his books, but the book covers are something ... very attractive to the male eyes!


Define 'rich'.
  1. Having more money than me
  2. Having more money than everyone else
  3. Having enough money to make choices
  4. Having or acquiring a lot of stuff more than you need
  5. Having a lot of money and not doing anything
  6. Obsession with money; a great need for money
  7. The poorest of men
  8. The unhappiest people
  9. Not reaching a spot or hitting a spot; going nowhere; a journey man
  10. Successful in a sense; unsuccessful in another sense
  11. Reading only 1 book a year
  12. Hated by lots of other people
  13. Unappealing to people
  14. Going beyond normal reserves
  15. Having an invisible bank
With modifications based on the video by Seth Godin, viewed at Author Learning Center.

Golden kidney-shaped cuff-links and making him pee

What's the story about? This story is about kidney transplant in the US and how one man managed to set up his skills into working up an algorithm to put all the potential recipients online in his own office. There were 4 parties involved - himself, the 200+ hospitals that do kidney transplant, the donors and the patients. His company programmed and enlisted all potential kidney donors and recipients, using only codes for the donors and recipients. They they had 30 donors, 30 recipients who all shared 30 kidneys from others. Whenever a male gets a good kidney, he then no longer needs dialysis and he can now pee. The man who started all these wears golden kidney-shaped cuff-links. Would you dare start this?

It must be a feat that nobody would dare to do it in Malaysia.


I'm not 60 or 60+ yet but I'll jot down what I have read from other blogs. I suppose people either become happier as they grow older, or they become unhappier. Some have dreams realized, others don't and are still struggling. Some are sick with diseases, others are perfectly healthy, minus the usual wear and tear. Life slows down for many. They are able to cope but slowly. They do make new friends and have a circle of close friends but of one kind only. They don't try to get into any relationships because they know life is ending, or almost nearing an end. If they do get into a relationship, they will feel guilty as they know life will certainly end after all. Some just go on living till life ends. I think most people read and still keep reading, whatever attracts the eyes and whatever the heart fancies. Do they marry at 60+? I don't know. Most are grandfathers and grandmothers. Marriage of grandparents are unheard of. Why? What are the real life & health issues at 60+? I suppose a lot of the body functions start to go downhill. Most will have grey or white hair, wear some glasses, tire quite easily, not want to speak or say much, prefer to keep things to themselves, reflect on the past a lot, wished they could turn back time and re-live a better life, do something better, etc. But does life really end at 60+? No. Life goes on at 60+. Life as usual, and business as usual. Why are people worried or more worried when they are 60+? If you are 60 or 60+, you can answer or tell me, what life feels like at 60 or 60+.